Vivutravel in your eyes

Vivutravel in your eyes

Today, I have understood that work with heart, then will be success. It always a definition for people, who work in tourism in general. In the sunny day of June, I was listening to my monitor about Vivutravel with a class to train tourism students how to become a tour guide, a professional tour guide, Sales online, Marketing Online and Operator and of course, it is free. And there are so many opportunities for us to work with Vivutravel. I was waiting for a prospect day by day. Finally, I met Mr.Tuan again with (where I used to work as a trainee), and brothers and sisters work there. I was sitting on the air – conditioned room but I felt warm from their heart with their greeting, their conversation.

Mr.Tuan shared us everything, I mean everything from 10 years experiences in this industry. He showed us how to become a tour guide in general and how to become a professional tour guide: How to pick up tourists from the air port, about Vietnamese culture. He highlighted that Vietnamese culture is the smartly mixture of our ancestor with village culture of Vietnam from Confucianism, Taoism and of course, Buddhism. He taught us what we forgot about our culture: bamboo, areca and betel, weeding, funeral, yin and yang in Vietnamese meal to show characteristic of Vietnamese people.

We usually say a joke with a satirical implication: “Native people must know own history, what we don’t know, ask for google”. But for 2 days, Mr Tuan has proofed an opposite means. He delivered to us background about our history and gave us some tips to learn history, it is not so difficult as we think. He gave us an idea about the answer of complaint of tourists about Vietnam: Why your traffic is so crazy? Why a lot of people just walking around the street and do nothing? Why do you have too many vendors like this? Why you have too many motobikes and 3,4 persons in one? Furthermore, he tutored us in Sale online, Marketing online and Operator. In the afternoon of Sunday, Mr.Tuan invited 3 professional tourguide named: Mr.Thao, Mr.Nam and Mr.Binh to discuss and answer our all questions. It was so lovely to talk to them.

I realized that my future job not as so beautiful as I think. We usually live far away from my home, especially with married man, they could not usually take care for their child when cry, up and down, crawl, and say “daddy”, which word that every daddy and mommy wanna hear. However, this job give them much things not only money but meet new people from other culture, maybe far from Hanoi about half of the world, have chance to talk to international tourists about our country, our culture and about Vietnamese people. What could be proud more when you have chance to become representative - an Ambassador of Vietnam...

About my own opinion, Jobless rates of graduated students in Vietnam about 63% ( – 9/2012) because they could not adapt demand of employer. Mr.Tuan helped us to design our own “fishing stick”. He shared to us very much, in 2 days (21, 22/6), but he just gave us ideas, because he wants us figure out details by our self in order to remember it for a long time. When he just graduated from university, no one taught him what to do, where to go, everything is self – study. And now, we have everything we need but for example with me, I could not get better. I feel sorry for that and I realized that I need to learn, need to improve myself to contribute for my country in the rightway, especially in this situation when our country is threaten by invader. Let’s bring culture, country and people to the world to declare that: VIETNAM – WE LOVE PEACE AND FREEDOM. By Nguyễn Hà Văn Thông