Guide to booking a holiday in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country rich in incredible contrasts. From the sandy white beaches of central Vietnam to the bustling river life of the Mekong Delta, the quaint architecture of Hoi An, and the fast-paced cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the history and landscapes are quite dramatic.

A well planned Vietnam holiday gives a perfect opportunity to witness many iconic images - families ferried around on a rickety cyclo, sampan boats in narrow waterways, water buffalo ploughing rice paddies, and vendors in conical hats trading local goods. Vietnam has the ability to provide plenty of unique things to see and do.

But, it makes sense to conduct the necessary due diligence to make sure your travel adventures are well planned and the itinerary includes the extra things you want to see while away on your travels.

guide to booking a holiday to vietnam

Here are a few tips to booking a holiday in Vietnam:

Do your homework
Finding the right Vietnam travel agent requires a little time spent on research. A great place to start the process is to ask relatives and friends for recommendations. If a close family member was happy with their travel experience, there is a great chance you will be. Additionally, the review sites like TripAdvisor are a great place to start the research process.

Also, you may want to look at the locally based travel agents because they will have more knowledge of their country, and provide the more in-depth, fun and interesting travel itineraries.

Figuring out your needs
In order to plan the preferred holiday it is essential to figure out your needs. A locally based Vietnam travel agency can easily create the bespoke travel plan that matches the specific needs. Whether you are looking for a 14 day north to south tour of Vietnam or a 28 day Indochina tour that includes the highlights of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, there are plenty of travel options to explore in this part of SE Asia.

Touring the country is a very popular option. Simply being based in a single town or city can be extremely limiting, and this only shows a very small part of this wondrous and unique world. Plus, touring is a lot more satisfying and gives greater opportunities to explore what is on offer. A tour that spans from Hanoi in the north to Ho Chi Minh City in the south is a great way to see the changes in the country with its lofty peaks and beautiful islands.

Also, the tour style of holiday makes it possible to experience the hiking adventure, a city break, and sun worshipping in a single package.

halong cruise in vietnam

When best to travel to Vietnam
It helps to know when best to travel to Vietnam. In general, a pleasurable time to travel to this part of SE Asia is from mid-October to March when the temperature is cooler in the north and warm in the south. This time of the year is very comfortable for travelling and rainfall is kept to a minimum.

For the beach holiday in Vietnam, the period November to January is great in the southern regions of the country. But, it may be best to travel a little later (January or February) if planning to be more active because the temperature can get quite intense at this time.

Additionally, if you want to miss out on a lot of the tourist traffic, why not look to travel during the wet season. Travelling June to August can be a lot quieter. Even though it may rain daily, the showers are mostly predictable and short-lived. This makes it easy to organize the day’s itinerary to miss out on the worst of the weather. Read more: When is the Best Time to Visit Vietnam?

Travel for families or couples
Vietnam is a country with fascinating landscape, culture and history. This country has plenty of busy cities that are complemented by stunning countryside and miles of beautiful beaches. The wild and thick jungles closely rub shoulders with man-made wonders. Plus, the cities are great for buying the basics and must-have supplies, including pharmacies.

The wide-ranging natural and man-made attractions make Vietnam a great destination for families who have plenty of options at their disposal.

Additionally, the Vietnam family tour can make the trip of a lifetime for those travelling with their partner. The cities and countryside offer a variety of fun and interesting activities for couples. Discover the full beauty of this country with its quiet beaches, intimate restaurants, extraordinary cities and stunning natural beauty, which is certain to make an incredible experience. Also, Vietnam can make a wonderful honeymoon spot with Dalat a popular destination. Read more: Top things to Do on a Vietnam Family Tour

vietnam family tour at cuc phuong national park

How much do you want to get involved?
Some travel agents can plan every aspect of the Indochina travel, from booking hotels and excursions to airlines and dinner reservations. Other agents will be more than happy to give assistance on basing a travel itinerary on your personal research. Also, the option to communicate with the agent can vary; some are comfortable with email, while others may prefer phone interaction. The travel organisation is certain to work best when you are able to find an agent who is able to match your travel planning personality. Most travel agents will let you know their travel planning process and communication style by simply asking.

Compare prices
Many different factors are taken into considering when pricing the active or relaxing holiday, such as the complexity of the trip, the length, time of year, and places or countries to visit. The established agents are often in a position to get extras for their clients, such as room upgrades and more convenient check-ins and checkouts at airport transfers and hotels.

It is worth having a quick shop around to see what is on offer, but you shouldn’t look at price alone if you want to experience the Vietnam luxury tour of your dreams.