Top 5 Reasons YOU should book your holiday with Vivu Travel

When you are looking to book an exotic Vietnam holiday using a local Vietnam tour operator is often the best way to ensure you get to see all the country has to offer.

Vietnam is a country more and more people are choosing to explore and due to it’s diverse countryside and unknown customs, using a local Vietnam tour operator will ensure you can sit back and relax and look forward to your time away.

There are so many reasons to use a local tour operatorto take care of the important stuff for you!

Travel agents will book flights, all of your accommodation and arrange transportation; often they have access to the best deals and you know you are using a reputable company too.

Using all of our many years of experience have put together our Top 5 reasons as to why you should use a tour operator for your Vietnam adventure.

1.    Unique Knowledge & Insight
Learning about different cultures can take time; often knowing how to greet people or even behave can be a worry. A local tour operator can ensure you are given hints and tips on how to behave accordingly in their country.

A local tour operator, like us has intimate knowledge of our country and with many years experience in preparing itineraries and managing personal and group tours.

Tour operators and travel agents often work with small local companies, selecting only the best people to represent them and ensure you are well looked after. Transportation can often be a worry for people in a new country, so a tour operator will ensure you are booked on and looked after.

The intimate knowledge of a city or an area the tour guide has will mean you maximise the precious time you have and ensure you see all of the best sights available.

Tour operators will also know the best places to eat as well as the best accommodation to book too.

You could be sitting in the local night market enjoying some traditional Vietnamese food with the locals or staying in a pretty family run bed and breakfast.

Knowledge and insight in a new country will go a long way to make you feel relaxed and looking forward to your Vietnam adventure.

2.    Accommodation & Transportation
Did you know that most people find booking suitable accommodation the most stressful part of booking a holiday?

Most accommodation is booked online and often from just seeing a few images of the hotel and using reviews from others who have stayed there before.

Using a tour operator or travel agent to take care of your accommodation will mean you do not have to worry about where you maybe spending your first night.

Tour operators are experts at booking accommodation; they will have access to better rates and will know the hotel or resort.

Their reputation is often based on the accommodation they are recommending to you, so they always have your best interests at heart.

Transportation in a new country can be overwhelming. A country like Vietnam has very different road structures, public transport services.

A tour operator will be able to advise the best way of moving around in cities and through the countryside. All of your transportation bookings can be taken care of and tour operators and travel agents will often have access to much better rates too.

3.    Time Saving
Booking a holiday with all of the flights and accommodation can take a lot of time!

You can simply save hours of searching by simply giving someone else the task of managing all of your bookings.

All you need to do is give an indication of your budget, where you would like to stay and for how long and your tour operator will handle the rest for you.

All of this can save you printing our reservations and endless streams of bookings too, all you have to do is arrive in the country and be ready to go!

For some putting their holiday plans into someone else's hands seems a daunting thought, but if you are visiting a new country from the UK, using a tour operator or travel agent to take the stress away from you could be an ideal option.

Leave the bookings in someone else's hands so you can simply sit back and relax.

4.    Excellent Value for Money
You have saved all year for your annual holiday to Vietnam and with such a vast array of cities, attractions and places available to visit, you will want to ensure your spending money stretches as far as possible.

Tour operators have the unique and innate ability to be able to negotiate on your behalf,  they will often have many contacts who they will be able to speak with and find the best accommodation, boat trip, guided trek or simply advise the most cost effective way of traveling around a city.

When you are in the UK and looking to book your family adventure, feeling safe in the knowledge a local operator will be negotiating the best rates on your behalf will allow you to manage your holiday budget.

You will not get trapped into paying tourist prices.

5.    Discover the Hidden Gems!
You can be guaranteed your tour operator will know all the hidden gems of their country.

Hidden, magical places off the beaten track and little known by other tourists. You could be walking amongst hidden, ancient temples dating back thousands of years or relaxing on a small but perfectly white, sandy beach.

Finding the hidden gems of any country can feel special and leave you feeling like you have discovered places yet to be appreciated by others.

Choosing a tour operator is an easy and cost effective way to travel around any country, in most cases tour operators will be able to negotiate much better rates and will have inside knowledge of the best places to visit.

Vivutravel are experts at booking tours and holidays for a range of groups and budgets. Simply send through an enquiry and they will contact you to start building your Vietnam holiday adventure.

A tour operator like Vivutravel will always have your best interests at heart and will simply love to be part of your exciting experience in their unique and beautiful country.

Book your holiday in Vietnam today; it's a country waiting to capture your heart.