History of Vivutravel

Our owner, Nguyen Minh Tuan was born in the northern province of Vietnam (Bac Giang). After graduating from Hanoi University in 2002, he went up to Sapa to find his future and worked as a local tour guide for more than a year.

In 2003, he came back to Hanoi and became a freelance tour guide for some travel conpanies like Ocean tours, Aurora Travel and Saigon Tourists until 2005. During 4 years being a tour guide, Tuan was able to travel a lot with his guests. He also learned that tourism would be his future.

vivutravel team

With university background, real experience, knowledge and great passion in tourism, Tuan questioned homeself "why don't i set up a travel company?" to take the advantages of the internet and what he had learned.

In October 10, 2006, KT Adventure company was born and Tuan was so lucky to meet Frank and Willem, owner of Khiri Travel in Thailand. After a short discussion, Tuan won their trust and a month later, Khiri Travel sent KT the first booking. A great cooperation between Khiri Travel and KT adventure started.

Khiri Travel is a big travel company based in Thailand, owned by Frank and Willem - Dutch nationality. Back in 2006-2008, we worked with Khiri travel only. Through Khiri Travel, we handled series booking and clients of many big travel companies such as; Kuoni, Baobab, Summum, Shoestring, Dejong Intra, Eldertreks, Boundlessjourneys. In Vietnam, we arranged everything from hotels, flights, trains, visa, tour leaders,etc. We were growing fast and became a reputable travel company in such a short time.

From 2007, we run the head office in Hanoi and branch office in Danang and Ho Chi Minh City.

December 31, 2008, the cooperation between Khiri Travel and KT adventure ended. This was because Khiri opened their own company in Vietnam called "Khiri Vietnam".

2009 was a very difficult year for us when having to re-build everything from the ground. This was the time when we built the website "Vivutravel.com" to sell our own tours online as well as to target new markets, new customers.

Thanks to our great efforts, Vivutravel got clients online quickly and some new overseas partners. Vivutravel was back to the track by the end of 2009. Each year, around 2500-3000 tourists travel with us and around 1500 foreigners (including tourists, businessmen, expats) use our Vietnam visa service.

From 2010 to date, Vivutravel has become as one of the leading tour operators in Vietnam, providing excellent tour packages and travel services in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. Vivutravel is highly recommended on Tripadvisor and trusted by our happy clients around the world.

To learn more about us, please visit our: Youtube, Facebook, Tripadvisor.