How Vivutravel is going in Covid 19 times?

Needless to say how terrible the Covid 19 is destrying the world? Vietnam is one of the most successful countries that is controlling the virus very well. Things are going on in a normal status, but not Vietnam tourism.

Since the outbreaks of Covid 19 (Corona Virus), Vietnam suspended all international flights and tourist visa. As a result, most of hotels, beach resorts, travel companies are now being closed.

vivutravel covid times

How  is Vivutravel doing?
The last tour of Vivutravel ended on 17 March 2020, just before Vietnam was under social distancing. Vivutravel's staff worked from home from April to May to assist our clients with booking cancellation and refunds.

Since June, some of our staff have come back to office and continued supporting our customers. Some others are still staying at home in "wait and see mode", will get back to office when the situation gets better.

Luckily, no office staff of Vivutravel like tour operator, travel consultants, reservation officers, accountants have to quit their job at Vivutravel. Our company is doing our best to support our employees in this difficult time. However, we can not do much for the drivers and tour guides. They have to manage themselves.

What are we doing?
Vivutravel spends most of our time updating news to our clients, overseas partners, changing tour dates, assisting our clients in cancelling and refunding. We also went on Vietnam tour inspection in central highlands, coastal beaches and northern destinations, taking photos, making videos to prepare for the recovery. VIVUTRAVEL IS STILL ALIVE!

Vivutravel consultants are now offering tour packages for Vietnamese tourists and earning a little bit. (Not much but good at the time being).

Should you need any information or have a travel inquiry, Vivutravel is here to assist.

Vietnam tourism News
By 03 September 2020, Vietnam has 1046 cases, recovered 746 cases, under treatment: 262 and 35 deaths. Vietnam is now experiencing a new normal status and getting used to living with the virus.

Is Vietnam safe to travel? Yes, all destinations, tourist attractions opened for tourists, internal flights resumed to all destinations in Vietnam.

When do international flights resume?
Vietnamese goverment is planning commercial flights to South Korea, Japan and China from 15 September 2020, following is Laos, Cambodia. It is time to wait and see.

Do I have to be quarantined when coming to Vietnam?
Diplomas, foreign investers, engineers enter Vietnam with less than 14 days, will not have to be quarantined.

From 01 September 2020, tourists come to Vietnam, still need 14 day quarantine and have to pay the fee. How much is the fee is a question - to be updated.