Travel notes when visiting Angkor in Cambodia tour

20, December, 2015

Travel notes when visiting Angkor in Cambodia tour

To enhance your experience and to preserve Angkor for generations to come, kindly urge clients to observe the following points when visiting Angkor temples in Cambodia holiday as below:

1/ Dress code: Revealing clothes such as shorts and skirts above the knees and showing bare shoulders  are prohibited in sacred places. Respectful dress is encouraged in Angkor

2/ Smoking: Smoking cigarettes disturbs others and cigarettes can start bush fires. To protect the environment, clients should not smoke here.

3/ Candy or money for children: Buying items, giving candy or money to children will encourage them not to attend school but beg. If clients wish help to children, please consider donating to a recognized charity.

4/ Monk: Monks are revered and respected. If client would lie to take photos, please ask for permission first. Women should not touch nor stand or sit too close to monks.

5/ Restricted areas: For your own safety and for the conservation of Angkor, please comply with all signs on the site and be mindful of your step at all times.