The best things you should do in Cambodia tour

28, July, 2016

The best things you should do in Cambodia tour

Cambodia is one of the most interesting countries in Indochina where almost of travelers would like to discover, because it has so many excited tourist sites such as ancient temples, amazing beach or mysterious Angkor. Besides, Cambodia is also famous with ancient and modern architectures which play the important role in Cambodia tourism and very impressive for tourists when traveling to Cambodia. That is why Vivutravel wants to give you the best things you should do in Cambodia tours.

The best time for traveling to Cambodia:
Cambodia is a perfect destination for you to visit all year around with temperature from 21 to 35oC. It also has two seasons. Dry season is from December to at the end of April. Wet season is from early May to November.

In dry season, it is very cool from 20 – 28oC and very suitable for temple tours and tour to Northern Cambodia because the condition of the road is convenient for traveling. Besides, dry season is also very nice to travel in Kep and Sihanoukvilla in the southern Cambodia.

In wet season, it brings about 70 – 75% of Cambodia rainfall, the heaviest rain is from late July to September. This season is a perfect time to visit Angkor and floating Tonle Sap lake.

The most excited things you should visit in Cambodia:

In Siem Reap:
Traveling to Siem Reap, tourist will not only have a great chance to visit the most famous tourist sites as Angkor and Tonle Sap lake, but they also have a chance to visit more interesting things in and around Siem Reap as below:

1. Balloon Ride Over Angkor Wat
It is just in the west of Angkor Wat, Balloon Ride is an amazing and different way to see the overview of Angkor and Siem Reap city. This service will offer you the real experience and most safe when discovering Angkor Wat from the air. However, this service is provided from December to the middle of March of next year because of the climate.

2. Land Mine Museum
Land Mine Museum is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Cambodia. The highlight of this museum is four galleries where displays a lot of mines, mortars, booby traps, guns and other things were recovered from the different period.

3. Aqua Swimming Pool
If you like to escape the heat of Siem Reap in Wet season, Aqua Swimming pool is one of the best place for you to enjoy the cool, fresh and blue water.

4. Angkor National Museum
When visiting Angkor Museum, travelers have a chance to visit and discover the history of kmer civilization and majesty of Angkor. When getting inside the museum, you will be very attracted by impressive galleries which display the different objects, subjects and Videos from the pre –Angkorian period to Kmer King and Angkor Thom,Angkor Wat.

5. Kampong Phluk
Kampong Phluk is a beautiful floating village located on Tonle Sap lake. Traveling to this village, travelers have a chance to discover the village lifestyle of Tonle Sap. The people live in this village are fishermen. Besides, you also have a chance to explore their special stilt houses which are only 10m high up to water.

In Phom Penh:
Traveling to Phnom Penh, travelers will have a great chance to visit so many exciting places and interesting activities which will bring you the memorable trip in Cambodia.

1. Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda
Royal palace and Silver pagoda are the most popular and interesting tourist sites in Cambodia tour which almost of travelers do not miss when traveling to Cambodia. They are located in the Phnom Penh city center and on the banks of Mekong River with a wonderful garden and impressive architecture which overlooking a river- front park. Both of them are opened in everyday from 7AM to 5PM.

2. Killing Field and Toul Sleng (S-21) prison
Killing field and S21 prison are the most attractive tourist site in Phnom Penh. Come to visit Killing field –the resting place of more than two million victims of Kmer Rouge run by Pon Pot during 1975 to 1979. Besides this famous place, travelers will have a chance to visit S-21 prison which was used as a notorious prison and interrogation centre by the Khmer Rouge regime from its rise to power in 1975.

3. Temples
+ Wat Langka: This is one of the oldest pagodas was built in 1442, it was used as a meeting place for Cambodian and Sri Lankan monks. Nowadays, this pagoda still plays an important role in Cambodia Buddhism.

+ Wat Ounalom: Located on Tone Sap riverfront and very close Royal Palace, Wat Ounalom is an amazing place which consists  of a cluster of 44 buildings were built in 1952. The highlight of this temple is four bronze images of Buddha in sitting posture, each of which faces a cardinal direction and the image of Samdech Huot Tat - the fourth Buddhist patriarch who was executed during the Pol Pot era.

4. Phsar Tuol Tom Pong Market
PhsaTuol Tom Pong market is considered as a heaven for tourists because when coming to this market, tourists can find a wide variety of goods. If you are looking for souvenirs like clothes, you can find the big name Western brands like Levi’s, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren with the price is very reasonable.

5. Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre
Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue centre is also the beautiful place you should visit. This centre is home of more than 12.000 animals and it is the biggest rescue centre in Cambodia.

In Sihanoukville beaches:
Far from Phnom Penh 245km with 4 hours driving by car, Sihanoukville beaches are belonging to the bay of Thailand.It is locally know as Kampomg Som which is a part of old name Sihanoukville after King Kihanouk developed and arranged the park. Nowadays, Sihanoukville is considered as the most beautiful beaches in Cambodia with white sandy and blue water. The sandy’s rim is covered by casuarinas trees and coconut palms, so it is famous for both foreigners and local tourists.

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