9 Stunning Beaches to Visit in Cambodia

27, September, 2017

9 Stunning Beaches to Visit in Cambodia

Cambodia's striking coasting and offshore islands create some of the finest beaches for the relaxing holiday in SE Asia. Let's take a look at nine of the pristine beaches to visit on the Cambodia tour packages:

Koh Rong Samloem
Koh Rong is one of the most developed islands in Cambodia and gets it a lot of attention. For this reason, travellers are starting to look for the more peaceful alternatives. The neighbouring island of Koh Rong Samloem is perfect for travellers looking to get away from the crowds with its quiet and tranquil shoreline. Koh Rong Samloem has the picture-perfect landscape with palm trees and white-powder sand.

One beach that is particularly beautiful is Lazy beach with its golden sands that are shaded by pine trees and swept daily to maintain the spotless look.

Plus, the clear blue waters are perfect for snorkelling and swimming. However, this island is quite basic when it comes to facilities with limited internet access and electricity available for a few hours at night. Also, in the evening, relaxing on a beach is a great way to fully appreciate the deep pink sunsets.

Kep is a quiet coastal town that is a favourite getaway destination for the local Cambodian people, which means it can get a little crowded on the weekends. This region witnessed a significant upgrade in 2013 with the beach area expanded by shipping in white sand from other coastal areas around the country. A nearby promenade is packed with stalls hiring out seats, parasols and rubber rings, as well as food and drink stands selling a great range of refreshments.

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Koh Thmei beach - Ream National Park
Some of the most exquisite beaches in Cambodia are located at Ream National Park, such as those on the small island of Koh Thmei which is flanked by mangrove forests. Koh Thmei is mostly uninhabited except for a small number of bungalows and several bird species. The beach located in an easterly direction from the boat dock is blessed with pine-shaded yellow sand and a lovely place to be in the early morning to catch the stunning sunrise, while the other beach next to the dock is covered in untold numbers of glittering shells. A stay on Koh Thmei beach a perfect for both the short day-trip or overnight.

Koh Ta Kiev
A stay on the isolated Koh Ta Kiev is certain to appeal to the travellers on the Cambodia travel in search of a complete break from modern life. This island only has a few bungalows along the shoreline with the most seen on Long Beach. This is a tropical island paradise with crystal-clear waters, desolate beaches and palm trees gently wafting in the wind. Koh Ta Kiev is great to simply relax around a campfire with not much in the way of modern conveniences available.

Otres Beach - Sihanoukville
Otres has a relaxed, chilled-out vibe that makes it a very appealing destination for tourists on the Indochina tours looking to get a break from the typical sightseeing tours. The clean beach is lapped by turquoise-coloured and calm waters and edged by plenty of shacks trading in food and drinks.

Also, for the tourists looking for a bit of fun and adventure, there is the option to get involved in a variety of water-based activities, such as kayaking in the open sea.

Otres is one of the quieter options in Sihanoukville but it has slowly seen an increase in development in recent times. While there are still bamboo huts lining the beach, there are also plenty of much larger accommodation with air-conditioning and swimming pools that are starting to dominate. There is plenty of upmarket accommodation with high-end restaurants and bars nearby.

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Long Set Beach - Koh Rong
Long Set Beach has a very desolate and calm atmosphere which makes it a great destination on the Cambodia tours for sunbathing, crabbing and collecting shells. The placid aquamarine waters and white sandy beaches are a relatively short walk to the accommodation on the main part of south-east Koh Rong.

This beach is saturated with rich corals and marine life to make a perfect place for the diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. Also, a visit to the beach in the evening gives a wonderful opportunity to see the bio-luminescent plankton that twinkle in the moonlight.

Sokha Beach - Sihanoukville
Sokha Beach is one of the best beaches in Sihanoukville and stretches for over a kilometre with white sands and calm waters that are perfect for swimming. Even though this is a privately owned beach, a small section is still open to the general public. The rest of the beach is reserved for guests of the hotel, or travellers willing to pay a small charge to get access to the main beach, which also includes the resort’s pool. Plus, a benefit of this beach being private is the fact it is hawker-free.

Sner Beach - Koh Kong
Sner Beach gets the tourist completely away from the masses with its wild beauty and isolation. This beach is off the beaten track and frequently used by the local Cambodian people. But, it is still a pleasant place to visit to truly lay back and relax on one of the many hammocks. The beach has plenty of small eateries serving many different fresh seafood dishes, such as fried squid, crab, and prawns, which are served with portions of vegetables and rice. A visit in the evening is great with plenty of seafood barbecues active along the shoreline with the delicious food washed down with a cold beer.

South-western Beach - Koh Rong
Koh Rong is a gorgeous island located off the coast of Sihanoukville, and blessed with beaches that stretch nearly 43 km. One of the finest beaches on the island is the south-western beach that spans over 5 km with its dazzling turquoise waters, palm trees and pristine white sand. The southern end of the beach is a great place for snorkellers to see the local fish species, including colourful parrot fish, sergeant fish and rabbitfish. Similar to most of the islands off the coast of Cambodia, the process of reaching the island is quite straightforward with a 2-3 hour boat trip.