Reasons to visit Cambodia

10, October, 2017

Reasons to visit Cambodia

Cambodia is a country found in Asia that shares a border with Laos and is located between Vietnam and Thailand. Many people often ask themselves what the best time to visit Cambodia is. The answer to that is very simple; a lot of tourists visit the country from the months of November all the way to march. For those on a shoe string budget and want to avoid the crowds of tourists, from May to October are the best times to plan a trip. Overall Cambodia is a very warm country all through the year and it is rare for temperatures to drop below 20 degrees. The seasons in the country are broken down into two which are dry season and the wet season.

The wet season usually starts from May all the way to October with a few spells of rain in the afternoons. This can affect travel plans for most people however; there is always enough sunshine for many hours to make trips work if planned right. The dry season on the other hand is from November to March and it is very hot. There is no shortage of things to do in Cambodia and this article will highlight 10 reasons to visit this incredible country.

I.    Cambodia is easily accessible
For travellers on a budget, Flying to Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok then to Phnom Penh which is the capital or Siem Reap is a good and cheap way to get to Cambodia with flights costing as little at 50 Euros.

II.    It is easy to get a visa to Cambodia
Many nationals will get a visa to Cambodia on arrival at the airport once they fill a form and the $35 fee. After paying, all they have to do is hand in a passport photo, wait a couple minutes and that’s it. If one is planning to enter Cambodia by land, getting a visa in Bangkok is highly advised, although you can get a visa at the board, you will have to wait for some time.

III.    The people in Cambodia are friendly
Referred to by many as the “land of smiles”, this country is very welcoming to tourists and the Khmer people do everything they can to make foreigner sample their culture to the fullest and feel right at home. If you are a fan of taking lots pictures, this is a great opportunity to get a few snaps of the people smiling and being very welcoming.

cambodian people

IV.    Awesome food
Anyone who visits Cambodia will be mad to not sample the fried noodles, fried rice and the tremendous tasting street food. For those feeling very adventurous while in Cambodia can think about trying some rather unusual cuisines such as snakes, spider and barbeque crickets. For the price of just $1 you can purchase sugar canes, coconuts and refreshing fresh juices from the locals.

V.    It is very safe in Cambodia
The country takes pride in the fact that it is undoubtedly one of the safest places to visit in the world. Even if you decide to visit on your own without family or friends, nothing will happen to you. If you walk around the big towns, you will bump into so many foreigners at tourist hotspots, in hotels, hostels and restaurants adding to the feeling of being in a safe place.

VI.    Unique experience
Majority of the people in Cambodia rely heavily on farming and about 75% grow vegetables, corn and rice which they sell as a means of income. If you venture away from the capital or any of the major town and into the countryside, you will see people in wooden houses. Seeing such things and the way they live is a unique experience only found in Cambodia and nowhere else.

VII.    Extremely affordable
Visiting Cambodia will not burn a hole in your pocket because it is one of the cheapest destinations in the world and you will have the time of your life. Decent rooms cost between $10-15 which is quiet a steal while shared rooms or dorms cost as little as $3-5 per head. Beach huts are also very affordable at around $5 a night while street food cost between $1-3. If you go to Cambodia with the aim to spend $20 a day, you will be one very happy camper although a few extra cash is needed for flights and bus fares. Overall it is a very awesome country to explore on a shoe string budget.

cambodia travel

VIII.    Gorgeous beaches
Anyone looking for beaches that a less crowded and quiet, Cambodia offers that. From the capital, tourists can head to a place called Kep where they can get on a small boat to an area called Rabbit Island. It is a very lovely over there and this small island has little huts and sees electricity 4 hours a day which lets you enjoy the beach more. Anyone looking for something a bit loud can head over to Shinaoukville or even better take the fast ferry to Koh Rong Island.

IX.    Easy to move around
Phnom Penh is very well connected to the town around it making it easy for tourists to get around so easily. Bus journeys are plenty and they are extremely affordable only problem is the ride can get a bit uncomfortable if the road is bumpy. Sleeper buses are also a good option for those long overnight trips to new areas and can be booked at tourist agencies and hotels. For those who want to visit Vietnam while in Cambodia, the capital Ho Chi Minh City is only 6 hours away by bus.

X.    Cooking tours
While enjoying some of the Cambodia tours you have booked, why not consider learning the secrets behinds cooking Khmer dishes. A cooking tour allows you to familiarise yourself with some of the incredible ingredients that are found in many of the traditional dishes as well as how to prepare them. It is quiet a treat and an experience of a life time.

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