Cambodia Travel and Tour Guide

15, October, 2017

Cambodia Travel and Tour Guide

Your Cambodia Travel & Tour Guide
South East Asia awaits you.

There is never a bad time to visit a country like Cambodia, but there are a number of reasons why a visit to Cambodia should be high on your travel agenda.

Cambodia is a country full of plush greenery, ancient monuments, temples and beaches stretching golden and perfect along an impressive coastline.

As soon as you arrive you will be greeted by some of the best hospitality this side of the world has to offer. The people are open minded, hospitable and incredible generous. Despite being a country plagued with poverty, many people have little but are willing to share what they do have.

The history of Cambodia can be traced back to the 5th century; where Hindu emperors formed the early basis of the Kingdom of Cambodia we know today. The early royals were know as the Khmer Empire and ruled Cambodia from the 9th - 16th Century.

Officially named The Kingdom of Cambodia in1953, it gained its independence and has since seen growth from tourism and investment in infrastructure and technology. Its a country that is still growing.

The locals are referred to as Khmer people and many live alongside the beautiful and vast Mekong Delta river. Floating villages are an incredible array of houses and communities, often you can watch people working, cooking, selling their crafts from a perfect boat tour.

We have listed our Top ten reasons why you should choose to travel and tour Cambodia.

1.    Rich History
The history of Cambodia is very recent and unfortunately it has a sad and war torn passed.  You will be able to visit a host of different historical points, where you can take time to learn about what the country has been through. A very eye opening and thought provoking tour to the killing fields of Phnom Penh will make you realise what the country and people have been through. The museum is also a ‘must see’ too.

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2. Khmer Food
Cambodian food is often described as humble and comforting. With rice being the staple of most meals, you will not fail to be amazed at just how many dishes can be made from this very simple ingredient. The most famous dish is called ‘Fish Amok’. A succulent white fish is steamed in banana leaves and then topped with coconut cream. Truly delicious and comforting. If you like cooking, ask your tour operator about a cookery class tour option. Read more: Cambodian Food and Drink

3. Colourful Markets
Markets in Asia are a big deal and it is where many locals rely on their livelihood, often growing or making what they take to market.  Stalls are so diverse, you will be able to buy homemade handbags, shoes, clothes to the most amazing locally grown exotic fruit and vegetables. Stalls are packed high and the sites and scents are just incredible. Get ready to haggle alongside the locals.

4. Quiet Beaches in paradise
The beaches of Cambodia are often overlooked and yet they are some of the most breathtaking, clean and stunningly perfect beaches in Asia. White sand, palm trees and peach and quiet await your arrival. A Cambodia travel agent will be able to advise the best beaches to visit.

5. Countryside and Jungles
There is literally acres and acres of unspoilt countryside. You could take the opportunity to take a motorcycle tour through the open countryside or a tour trekking through the jungle. Each experience will give you chance to see the real side of Cambodia, you may even get to see some wildlife too.

6. Temples of Distinction
From the Silver Pagoda, Angkor temples, Preah Vihear Temple to the royal palace you will be truly spoilt for choice. Imagine vast stone buddhist statues, grand temples and far stretching buildings as far as the eye can see. Cambodia is home to some of the most unspoilt and undiscovered temples in South East Asia.

angkor temples

7.  Coffee
Cambodia is home to some of the best coffee in the world. It is rich, strong and perfectly delicious. In the heat of summer you can indulge in iced coffee or warm up with a coffee and rich milk in the cooler and wetter months. Coffee in Cambodia is a way of sharing stories, catching up with friends and people watching. Its also cheap too! Ask your tour operator for their recommendations in your next destination.

8. National Parks
There are over seven national parks in Cambodia. Each giving you the chance to walk through forests, waterfalls and alongside perfectly formed rock formations. Trekking is a great way of exploring the local countryside. Many national parks are home to wildlife sanctuaries too; giving you the chance to experience Cambodian wildlife too.

9. Beautiful towns and Villages
As a country not overly discovered by tourists, you will have lots of opportunity to stumble across some of the most beautiful towns and villages. Your tour operator will be able to advise the best places to visit. You will often be able to take a bike tour to a local village where friendly locals will be waiting to greet you.

10. Value for Money
A country like Cambodia is very cheap to travel around. Cambodia tour operators are very competitive and accommodation will often cost you less than half of what it does in Europe. Restaurants and eating out is also much cheaper too.

Cambodia really is a country with hidden depths and plenty of opportunity to meet incredible people, eat delectable food, wonder and haggle at marvellous markets before sunning yourself on a quiet, beach in perfect paradise.

The country is very easy to travel through and most towns are well connected, although be aware the roads are still very rustic, so journeys maybe a bit bumpy!

What are you waiting for?
Using a local tour operator will make your experience unique and personal, they will be able to spend time building your perfect itinerary and ensure you are aware of customs and traditions.