Best Cambodia Tour

14, January, 2019

Best Cambodia Tour

Tour is beauty, but without visiting Cambodia, your visit to Southeast Asia is incomplete. There are several sights to see in this location which promises to be exciting and entertaining. Talk about architecture, designs, natural views, and other beauties, Cambodia is the perfect spot for your Southeast Asia tour.

This article will be discussing in details what you can do to enjoy your tour; we will also talk about the best places to visit in Cambodia. Sit back and take a pre-journey to this beautiful country. Before continuing here are some quick tip about this country.

•    The official language of Cambodia is Khmer; English is often spoken too though.
•    Riel is the national currency of Cambodia; they also make use of US dollar.
•    The population is more of youth (less than 15) than adults

Start the tour with a visit to Phnom Penh
There are several sights to catch in Phnom Penh. You may start the trip in the TuolSleng Genocide Museum which is opened between the hours of 07:00 to 17:30. It is also known as the S-21 prison and has served as an interrogation, torture and executioncenter by the Khmer Rouge regime. Another beautiful spot to visit in Phnom Penh is the Royal Palace and the beautiful Silver Pagoda which are adjacent each other spanning close to 174,870 square meters.

The central market, killing field, and the Ta Prohm temple located at TonleBati is another cool spot to visit in Phnom Penh. One iconic landmark situated in the heart of the Phnom Penh City is the independence monument which signifies the Cambodia liberation from the French who colonized them

tour in phnom penh

Take a tour to Battambang
Battambang is one of the principal city of Cambodia; it houses several colonial building like the Sala Khaet, the former governor’s residence,and many more locations, here are few places to explore in this historic city. The crocodile farm has thrilled most of the tourist who has come to visit Battambang; you may also choose to visit the Phnom Sampeau which is one of the fearful and famous temples in Battambang.

Visiting Wat Ek Phnom is a must when you are on tour in the great Battambang city which houses beautiful architectures and the traditional Khmer style. You may also choose to visit the Sammaki art space which helps you in appreciating the beauty of art and culture. One of the most important tourist spots in Battambang is the white elephant Pagoda which is dedicated to Lord Buddha, and its excellentarchitecture blows the mind away.

Journey down to Siem Reap
Siem Reap is another top spot to catch the beautiful attraction of Cambodia.Most have enjoyed starting their tour of this city in the Angkor Wat temple which is the largest religious site on earth. It is often filled with several Cambodian tourists,so it is best to start the tour as early as possible.  You may also explore the Angkor National Museum which gives an overview of the Khmer grand schemes and the Khmer royals.

Another spot to visit inSiem Reap during your Cambodia tour is the BanteaySreianother ancient but beautiful temple with several amazing wonders to thrill the mind. The name BanteaySrei meaning Citadel of women, thanks to the hardwork of women in designing the delicate artworks of this temple.
Other beautiful spots to visit in Siem Reap include BengMealea, the floating village, Pub Street, Quad bike, and the Shop at the night market; the experience promises to be the best one you deserve.

A trip to Kampot is a beauty
Talking about beauty, Kampot has the rich beauty you need; your tour may start in Phnom Chhnok, the Natural Wildlife and preserves location. Kep Thyme is also one of the most visited spots in Kampot as it serves as the best and most popular wildlife park.

Kampong Trach is a district that borders the great Vietnam country, and it is filled with several mountains. Kampot also has several caves that you can explore; the rabbit island is another top stop to chill out and catch some fun. Their zoo is filled with animals that make the trip more interesting for you.

Step into Sihanoukville
If you are touring Cambodia, missing the trip to Sihanoukville makes your tour mostly incomplete. Other than the beach activities you get to enjoy there are several other fun-filled things to do. The Sihanoukville party cruises are the best you can get around.

Many have also enjoyed snorkeling and scuba diving in this location and have found it to be the best spot those who love the activity. There are other local fun and adventures that you can explore when in Cambodia which the previous tourist has enjoyed engaging in.

Fishing in their calm ocean, engaging in nature walk, and several river trips make Sihanoukville the top spot for lovers of natural wonders. Most hotels and guesthouses in this city add more beauty to your experience as they find time to take all their guests out on a boat trip, a trip to waterfalls, national parks, and island picnics. No matter the amount you are spending in this location, it promises to be worth the money you are paying.

A stop in the Ratanakiri province is perfect
Ratanakiri is another beautiful location in Cambodia that you must visit before completing your tour in this country. Talk about nature and wildlife, waterfalls, lake, and other natural beauties, Ratanakiri houses them all. Although rapid development is changing theway of life in this province, you are sure to enjoy every bit of time spent in this beautiful environment.

You may decide to spend days, weeks, or months to catch the beauty of this country, with a perfect itinerary you are probably going to catch the best sights, but ensure you go with enough cash to power you through the journey.

At the end of your tour, you will have been entirely fed with enough scenes in this country, and will probably be planning to spend another time in this great country located in southeast Asia.