Amazing things to do in Cambodia

17, January, 2019

Amazing things to do in Cambodia

Life becomes interesting when there are sights to see. Humans have toured both far and wide to catch beautiful sights which they believe will give them the best experience. you too must have traveled to some tourist attractions in the world also to satisfy your hungry eye, if you’ve done, here is another spot I will love to see you go. If you have not, then I think this is the best way to start your tour experience.

Cambodia, one of the greatest Southeast Asian country with an estimate of more than 16 Million individuals, is one of the best places to catch the beautiful tourist experience needed. This article will be focusing on the things you can do during your Cambodia tour to make it your best experience and charge you up for future tour trips.

Enjoy the Sunrise and Sunset at Angkor Wat
Wondering why this is the first thing mentioned? A visit to Siem Reap a city in Cambodia without enjoying the sunrise is largely incomplete, most consider it as a must do for all Cambodia tourist. As the sun comes to light up this beautiful city, you get to understand why it is beautiful. To enjoy, make sure you get there as early as possible and pick the best spot that will help you see the beauty in full. Quick tip, don’t be consumed with taking real-time pictures and end up missing the live scenes.

Gibbon Spotting
How well do you enjoy outdoor activities? Gibbon spotting has grown popular in Cambodia, and it promises to be one of the best experience you will have during your Cambodia tour. The best spot for this is the Ratanakiri province, the spotting starts with the amazing experience of strolling into the forest with your tour guide, even before getting to the destination, the sound of animals, the air, the smell and many more are sure to keep you active.

Catching sight of the calm family of the rare northern yellow cheeked gibbon surviving and enjoying their peaceful natural surrounding is definitely an experience not to miss. As a wildlife enthusiast and a lover of animals, this is one of the most important things to do in Cambodia to you.

Have Drinks at the Pub Street
Pub Street is located in Siem Reap. This street is loaded with several pubs, bars, street food spot,and restaurants. Either you love drinking or not, catching the atmosphere in this location will help you know more about the Cambodian social life. And if you love your beer chilled, just pick a spot and get lost in the happy atmosphere till your alarm tell you it’s time to go.

Pub Street in Siem Reap

Eat their food
Food eaten in your country as favourites largely differs from what others take in their country. Same is true with the people of Cambodia; theirfoods are the best one around, even the philosophy behind each food makes you hunger to eat them.

One of such is their Tarantula, a snack often eaten by women because they believe it adds to their beauty, vendors both in the major cities and the little village in Cambodia hawk it around.  Why not try it and other amazing delicacies delivered by the best local restaurants in Cambodia. Who knows, that may be the highlight of your trip.

The Cambodia Marine life, a must explore
This is another amazing thing to do in Cambodia during your tour, don’t plan going home until you catch the sight of their marine life. Land adventures are perfect, but the marine experience is a beauty. Cambodia tourists know that the best spot for scuba diving is this great country. Dive sites are scattered around the country, from Koh Rong to Koh Kon, Koh Tang, and even Koh prins and many more, divers love exploring these areas. 

The Planktons Glow in Koh Rong at Night
When it glows, it is beautiful, still not proven yet, but it’s a basic truth. In the sleepy island of KohRong, you will get to grab the experience of watching the magical planktons which light up the night glow. To make it fun-filled and not boring, you can have drinks at the nearby beach bars and wait till it’s dark enough to see the beauty of the Planktons glow.

When it is dark enough, move close to the beach and stir the water to wake the beautiful glow of the planktons just like you’ve seen in movies. Even brave and skilled Cambodian tourist love snorkeling at night to catch the best image.

Get the taste of the famous Apsara Dance Show
One of the oldest dance in Cambodia is the Apsara dance. It one of the dances whose birth came in the early 11th century. Women who engage in this dance wear beautiful and elaborate customs which then shoot them to start their performance dance show — several hotels in Cambodia especially the Siem Reap hotel, and the Phnompehn also organize these shows. With the help of laser light shows, you can both catch the exciting history of Cambodia, and enjoy the beautiful performances.

apsara dance show in sieam reap

Visit the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre
Like I stated early, natural beauties and life make Cambodia a spot to visit. The lives of animals in Cambodia are at risk. Hence active steps need to be taken to rescue these animals. That is where the Phnom Tamao wildlife rescue center. several species of animal are kept in this rescuecenter, both those you have seen before or the rare species, you will get to see them in their rescue centers

Yes, your journey to Cambodia is definitely one experience you should always dream of, and never miss. Even with the best-scripted itinerary, you will never be able to tour the whole country and see all the beauties completely, but with this fantastic“things to do in Cambodia” information and the Cambodian history we’ve heard prior to this day, you can be sure that your money is not a waste.