Angkor Temple travel guide

19, March, 2019

Angkor Temple travel guide

Among all locations in the world marked as 'marvel for the world,' The Angkor Temple complex is undeniably worthy of such title; it stands incredible and amazing!

The archaeologist zone is marvelously fleshed with a magnificent structure of several sizes and scales. The intricate designs are brilliant and gigantic. At the start of your tour, you'll require no gainsayer to tell you how excellent the structure was kept down to our day.

The beauty of diverse designs from tourists attires and wears add to the excellent architectural details. It's worthy of note that tourists should be aware of the best time a visit should be made, some of the Angkor Temple to be visited, how to get to Angkor Wat and around, and where you can stay.  

All details are carefully explained for your understanding.

The Best Time to Visit Angkor Wat
Frankly, if you are devoid of the knowledge of the best time to visit Angkor Wat, unfortunately, you will not get the best of your visit, even though the temple is made open to tourists every day of the year.

Regardless of the opening time, the best time to make your visit to Angkor Wat is in January (if you are planning a visit to Angkor Wat, you can take advantage of this month now). But why? Evidently, during January, the temperature isn't hard nor tough, but a little bit cooler! Isn't that what you want?

However, with the understanding of the best month to visit, the time during January to visit or tour the Angkor Wat Temple is during the early hour of the day, just immediately after sunrise.

Besides the fact that the temperature will still be calm in the early hours, Angkor Wat houses a relatively few tourists in the morning, photographs taking are bright and are off the harsh sun condition.

More amazingly, you might love to see how the sun rises at Angkor Wat, a more superior way to see it firsthand and not from the camera - we all like that. Also, in the late evening, when the sun will set, an amusing sight awaits you.

The Angkor Wat Temples to be Visited
My recommendation will be solely based on length of stay - that's how you can have a more precise experience! The first three to be visited is recommended for a 1-3 days visit, while the next three is great for 3-7 days.

1. Angkor Wat. This temple is the origin of the name, Angkor Wat. It houses so many intricate designs and structures.

2. Elephant Terrace. This site is a lot busy during the active time of the day; there you find a 1000 foot terrace of enormously large elephants, coupled with lions decorating the path.

3. Bayon Temple. Arguably the finest among all the temples within this region, either during sunset or sunrise, the 54 Bayon Temple with over 216 faces is excellent for photography.

1. Preah Khan.  An ideal spot for folks who don't want to entertain the thoughts of meeting crowds at Angkor temples. Among all the complexities at Angkor Wat, Preah Khan stands out as it has its unique trees growing around.

2. Banteay Srei. This is also a temple that gives itself an unusual name. There you can find red sand; it's also beautiful, and with no traces of doubt, it has intricate designs. Indeed, your visit to this site well worth it.

3. Pre Rup. This is a temple situated in a long extinct city. For visitors who want to get an excellent view of the area, they climb the steep steps and swiftly keep up to the three tiers of the pyramid.

How to Get to Angkor Wat And Around
Simply put, the most convenient way to get to Angkor Wat and explore is by renting a Moto-taxi, at a reasonable price for the day or use rented Tuk Tuk - at the same price bracket.

Individually, they could be priced around $15-$25. However, variation in price is subject to the length of your tour and where. We'd advise you add a little dollars if you hope to get around during sunrise and sunset.

With the knowledge of the temples we've compiled above, you can ask a Tuk Tuk driver to take you there. Besides, you could rent or hire a bicycle or e-bicycle yourself to enable better exploration to the place of your choice.

Using a bicycle would offer you more flexibility, and who knows, you might get an off the beaten track Temple your heart desires. But we'd advise that you be sure of your navigation, ask people for direction if you are using a bicycle yourself so that you don't get lost amidst your search.

Regardless of where you pick, it's never going to be a regret visiting some of the temples highlighted above. Besides, it's excellent that you dress smartly as you cycle or hire a Tuk Tuk.

Since it's a religious arena, ensure that your clothing depicts moderation and don't be too nosy, some places could be sacred, and foreigners might not be allowed in, comply and follow the rules.

Where You Can Stay in Angkor Wat
We know you'd have been willing to get an answer to that, most especially when you read through the temples to be visited and the length of stay depicts more than a day apparently what will come to your mind is where you will pass the night. Don't panic, here are a few options for you.

Know this; you can't sleep over in the temple, we know if you were offered the opportunity you'd not throw it off! So where do travelers stay?
Travelers, often stay at in Siem Reap, a town 15 minutes away from Angkor Wat.  This location is fitting for all types of travelers choice of a lodge, from a five-star luxury hotel and to a simple backpackers hotel. You will surely find your pick.

As a bonus for our readers, we advise that you lodge at Siem Reap's tourist's location - pub street. There you can walk in for lunch and dinner and without the noise from lousy music that could keep you awake all through the night.