Tips To Travel From The UK To Cambodia

27, June, 2019

Tips To Travel From The UK To Cambodia

Traveling and exploring the insights of a place like Cambodia is exciting and fascinating as well. Cambodia is a beautiful place, and more than 5 million people visit the country every year. The beauty of Cambodia can enjoy to its full spirit when you start exploring the hidden gems of Cambodia.  

But, do you know, traveling to Cambodia is relatively easy than visiting any far eastern countries? Here are some essential tips for traveling from the UK to Cambodia, which would be helpful for a new traveler who plans to visit the beautiful country.

You can find the easiest way to reach Cambodia, and also some of the exciting location, which you should not avoid while visiting the land of wonders. For an inexperienced tourist, it would always be helpful to take the assistance of a reputed tour operator, who can organize your visa and other travel arrangements. Stay tuned for the insights of Cambodia.

Tips for traveling from the UK to Cambodia

Everyone requires some basic tips and information before visiting a foreign city. Cambodia travel can be enjoyable if you know the place. So, here are some useful tips and practical information about the area.  

•    It is an inexpensive place to shop while touring Cambodia. Neighboring cities like Vietnam and Thailand are expensive in comparison to Cambodia. The hotels and rooms are cost effective, and one can enjoy excellent Cambodia Tour Packages meanwhile.

•    Some allowances are also provided by Cambodia travel to make the travel experience hassle-free. Cigarettes, perfumes, and wines are allowed for the travelers but in specified quantities. However, strict checking is still on for everyone out there.  

•    Going for Cambodia vacation is one of the exciting things during an Indochina tour. The place is suitable for families and children. From visiting Angkor Wat temples to enjoying every bit of the streets, Cambodia tour is a perfect one for your family.

•    Cambodia is a safe place for a single woman. The cases of sexual harassment are low in Cambodia as compared to other places. The main reason behind this is the fact that the local people of Cambodia are Buddhist. They believe in peace and power of God. They respect and treat women very nicely.
Visa for UK Citizen

People who visit from the UK to Cambodia always need a tourist visa.  UK tourists can have online and offline visa facilities for visiting Cambodia. Those who are not willing to apply online can visit the embassy and apply for the visa by filling the required application forms.Apart from manually applying for the visa at the embassy, Cambodia tours have become hassle free after the introduction of online visa services.

Applying online visa to the Kingdom of Cambodia is simple, quick, and on the normal course, the online visa will be processed within 3 working days. For the online visa process, you have to create an account for e-visa, apply, pay the fee, and download the e-visa PDF from the e-visa visitor account. If you are leaving for Cambodia vacation with your family, then applying for a visa online is the best thing one can do. Without must hassle, you can get your visa approved online.  

Cost of visa for online application and method of payment
After creating your visitor account on the e-visa portal, provide the mandatory information, and select the type of visa. For a single entry, the fee will be US$30, and you have to pay $6 additionally towards the processing charges.  The length of permitted stay is 30 days and can extend during your stay at Cambodia.  The visa will be valid for 3 months, which means you can visit Cambodia within 3 months from the date of issuance of the visa. All major credit/debit cards are accepted for payment.

The easiest way to reach from the UK to Cambodia
The UK and American tourists will find it challenging to reach Cambodia, as there are no direct flights. So, the best way to make Cambodia tour a happy experience, take connection flights from any East Asia or Southeast Asian countries.

You can find many direct flights to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap from Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, and many Chinese airports. You can make your Cambodia vacations a hassle-free experience by making the entire tour plan including ticketing through any reputed tour organizer.  Plan your tour and book ticket accordingly to avoid dejections and disappointments.  

1.    Angkor Wat:
When you are in search of top10 tourist destinations in Cambodia, the first one is indeed the Angkor Wat. Built by King Suryavarman II, in the 12th century, this one is a top tourist attraction in Cambodia and the largest city temple. The temple is magnificently crafted and filled with eye-catching greenery.

To reach this destination, you can take the flight to Siem Reap city, which is the nearest city to the Wat. It spread around 6 km, which one can cover with a minibus, bike ride or a cab as per their convenience.

2.    Banteay Srei:
If you are on your Indochina tour, then you can't give a miss to Banteay Srei. This template is known for its beautifully carved red walls. Srei is also part of the Angkor Wat; however, it is 25km away from the main temple; people take it as a separate tourist attraction of Cambodia. One thing which also makes it different from the rest of the Wat is, it is the only template in the Wat made not for the king but the women.

You can easily include Banteay Srei in your Cambodia tour packages as you have to reach Angkor and this place is only 25km away from the main temple. There are multiple options like tuk-tuk rides, minibus rides, and bicycles are also available to cover the short distance.

3.    Bayon Temple:
Bayon Temple is also part of massive Angkor Thom. Bayon is situated in the heart of the Royal City. What makes this place one of the Top 10 destinations in Cambodia is it's 200 artistically crafted and smiling sculptures.

If you are willing to have some tips for traveling from the UK to Cambodia, then you get this place covered at the earliest. Getting Bayon Temple is pretty easy as you have to reach Angkor Wat via Siem Reap city. Take a tuktuk ride or have a green full of oxygen walk as the Bayon is just a few minutes away from Angkor.

4.    Silver Pagoda:
Silver Pagoda AKA Wat Preah Keo, is a home for many jeweled and precious Buddha statues. Situated in the Royal Palace compound of Phnom Penh, some of the famous Buddha statues here are baccarat crystal Buddha of the 17th century and Maitreya Buddha which has 9,584 diamonds. This place is a must visit during the Cambodia tour.

You can take a flight to Phnom Peth as from there you can easily reach Silver Pagoda. It is just going to be 1 km ride which one can cover by any means and if you enjoy sightseeing than walking is also a good option.

5.    Bokor Hill Station:
If you are not scared of ghosts and want to perform some paranormal adventure, then you should never give a miss to this place during your tour of Cambodia. Its construction dated back to the 1920s, and people deserted the area in the 1940s during the Japanese invasion. Also, in the 1970s people abandoned this place when the Khmer Rouge insurgency engulfed Cambodia.

Kampot is the nearest town from Bokor Hill Station. From there, you can get to Bokor Hill Station within an hour ride as the place is 8km away from the city.

6    Koh Ker:
For those who love to admire the ancient temples and magnificent views, Koh Ker should be in the list of their tour of Cambodia. The major tourist attraction of this place is Prasat Thom. This temple is situated in the jungle of Koh Ker is about 98ft tall. The view of the temple is striking and leaves you speechless. The complex consists of more than 180 structures and spread over 81 square kilometers. Tourists can visit only a few monuments because it is a protected area, and the rest of the structures are inside the forest and not demined. So, it is a risky area, and you should limit the visit only in the permitted area.

Earlier reaching the remote destination of Koh Ker was a tough call. However, due to infrastructural development, you can easily reach here. Koh Ker is just 120 km from Siem Reap, and excellent road transport facilities are available.

7.    Banlung:
For those who want to get close to nature and spend some days exploring its beauty, Banlung is a must visit the location as part of your Cambodia tour. Cambodia travel will be an incomplete trip if you avoid visiting Banlung.You can view different species of monkeys and many other animals in their natural habitat. There are many tours and travel agencies, which organize to stay and visit the jungle. Banlung is also a home for Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake which increases the beauty level of the forest.  

To reach Banlung, you can take minibus or taxi from the city of Phnom Penh, and they will directly drop you to your destination. Don't forget; bookings should be made at least a week before your visit. Otherwise, you will end up messing your Cambodia vacation.

8.    Kratie:
Who doesn't love dolphins? And if you have kids along with you, then visiting Kratie becomes imperative to include in the Indochina tour. Kratie is a small town located in Cambodia which is known for the dolphins. The Mekong River appears truly mesmerizing when you get the sight of swimming and playing dolphins everywhere.

If you want to take the roadway like most of the tourists, you can reach Phnom Penh by flight and then travel to Kratie by road. Many road travel options are available. It is going to be around 8 hours journey, but you do not have to worry as the excitement of reaching Kratie will vanish all your travel stress.

9.    Phnom Penh:
Since the ancient French colonial days, Phnom Penh was the capital of Cambodia and to the present. Once known as 'the pearl of Asia’ Phnom Penh is the largest city of Cambodia. This city has many right places to visit, like the National Museum and the Royal Palace. Once called the most beautiful city of Cambodia, this place is still recovering from the war damages it had undergone. Phnom Penh also has a significant market from where you can buy some handcrafted momentous to keep your Cambodian memories live, and there are many reasons to justify to consider it as one of the top 10 destinations in Cambodia.

You can reach Phnom Penh via a flight as it has excellent flight facilities. To wander in the city, you can hire a bike or car or can even make it budget friendly with a minibus.

10.    Cardamom Mountains:
Enrich your Indochina tour by getting the spirit of historical power, and visiting the Cardamom Mountain will be the right decision to touch the soul of Cambodia from a close angle. This place is fantastic with all its flora and fauna beauty. This mountain beholds densely packed rainforest, and if you are genuinely passionate about exploring this mountain, you have to be a skillful explorer. It's the highest peak of Phnom Aural, and your trip will be considered incomplete without visiting this place.  

Also, thanks to the latest provisions, visiting this place has become super easy. One can visit the Cardamom Mountains via Phnom Penh. It will be only a 3-hour journey. You can directly alight a bus or hire a cab to reach the rainforest, and from there you can also give a start to your trekking.

Those who enjoy spending time with nature and appreciate historical monuments should book their Cambodia tour packages at the earliest. Although the place had its setbacks due to the Khmer Rouge's reign of terror, it is trying hard to recover. Cambodia is a beautiful place to visit and rediscover the magic of nature.  

Being an ordinary resident of the UK, you can never complete the Indochina tourwithout focusing onCambodia. The awe-inspiring and sensational top 10 destinations in Cambodia are worth spending the tour expenses.  The major attractions, majestic buildings and stifling beaches here are magnetizing tourists and people to stay here for a long time.   

Once a war-ravaged state, Cambodia today stands as a testament to human resilience, warmth, and optimism. It is the pearl of Asia, and there are many places, historically important locations to explore during a Cambodia vacation.