A week in Cambodia

09, July, 2019

A week in Cambodia

Cambodia is a hidden gem in Southeast Asia, a pretty famous tourist destination that is a subject of talk among backpackers as much as Thailand. With pristine beaches, spectacular temples, rich cultural heritage, Cambodia is a country you won't want to miss. While the bustle and history of large cities might be Cambodia's main attraction, you can find the country’s heart in small towns and villages. Let’s explore the important destinations you must include in your Cambodia tour packages.

Why you should visit cambia at least once in a lifetime
Cambodia has got a lot of things going on, its rich culture, history, enchanting landscape, and wonderful hospitality of the people keeps visitors coming back to the country. In fact, this country is full of wonders offering incredible travel experiences. Another obvious reason to plan for a Cambodia tailor-made tour would be its food. The traditional Cambodian cuisine is something everyone must have tasted at least once.

One of the major reasons why millions of travelers’ head to Cambodia is to witness the gorgeous temples during the Khmer era. The Cambodians are extremely warm-hearted and friendly people, and you will always find them welcoming travelers with a smile. From tuk-tuk drivers to shopkeepers, your guide, and random strangers; it will be a surprising experience to experience the gentle behavior of the natives.  

History buffs and architecture lovers will definitely enjoy the experience of exploring Cambodia as the temple complexes are among the most beautiful in the world and abundant. The local markets and the night markets are amazing and will just leave you in awe.

What all to include in a 7-day Cambodia tour packages
If you plan for 7-day Cambodia tour packages, it will be a difficult task what include and what to keep out of the itinerary. You can make your way from the temple complex of Angkor Wat to beaches with plenty of stops for scenic destinations and museums along the way.

Siem Reap
Siem Reap is not just a stopover to visit the Angkor temples; the town is gorgeous on its own with abundantly flowing rivers and rice paddy fields. It has vibrant night markets, ancient craft shops, silk farms, fishing villages, and a lot more. The beautifully preserved temple complexes unveil Cambodia’s history and culture of once supremely powerful Khmer empire.

From vibrant nightlife to jungle adventures, there is a lot to explore in the town. You can get some of the unique pieces of handicrafts and souvenirs. Siem Reap is worth for a 3-day Cambodia tailor-made tour and makes sure you explore delicious cuisines while on the trip.  

Phnom Penh
The vibrant, bustling capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh was once called the ‘Gem of Indochina.’Phnom Penh exudes a kind of provincial charm with tree-lined boulevards and French architectural monuments. The city is situated at the conjunction of three grand rivers and home to many bustling bars and cool cafes.  

Visitors love to explore unique Khmer artifacts at the national museum and the beautiful complex of royal palaces with its golden spires. While Phnom Penh is not the most exciting city to visit as most of its highlights include temples, museums, and royal palaces, visiting Phnom Penh is truly one of the prominent tourist attractions which most history buffs would love to explore.

Sihanoukville is a must-visit destination for every backpacker who travels to Cambodia. It is the spot where America fought its last battle in the Vietnam War, and hence, it beholds historical importance. The town is now a land of sunny beaches and a perfect destination to spend your vacation by indulging in water sports like snorkeling and kayaking. Serendipity Beach is one among the most popular beaches here, and it makes one of the liveliest beach areas in Sihanoukville, and worth to include in your Cambodia tour packages.

Though a sleepy seaside town, Kep is well renowned for its seafood, beachside plots, and tangled jungles and with must-see islands like Rabbit Island and more. Visitors enjoy taking a stroll through the white shores of the Kep beach and enjoy some of the delicious numbers from seafood vendors. Kep National Park is another major site of attraction filled with waterfalls, sight-seeing landscapes, the stone house, and the little Buddha.

Poi Pet
Poi Pet is the land of karaoke bars and gaming casinos where locals take part with the travelers to explore a fun time. The city is renowned as Cambodia’s little Las Vegas with plenty of casino resorts. Visitors enjoy exploring the beer gardens and spending an ambient nightlife here.  

The major draw here is the varieties of casinos dotted around the town, but it is also famous for its charming reliefs and shopping spots like Rong Kleue market. While Poi Pet is not a culinary paradise, but you can still find some of the lovely places here to enjoy the Cambodian cuisines.  It is a must include tourist spot in your Cambodia tailor-made tour package.  

The countryside beauty and its quirky cafes make Battambang a vital addition to your Cambodia tailor-made tour package. There is a lot about Battambang that travelers just love. The riverside setting, colonial architecture, the laid-back cafes offer the perfect blend of urban modernity and county-side friendliness. You can enjoy a bike ride in the rice paddies lined by streams and lakes. A ride on the bamboo train is a must and also try to catch a scenic river trip and the performance of Cambodia's famous circus ‘Phare Poeleu Selpak.’

Kampot is a scenic riverside promenade in southern Cambodia which is a small sleepy town with wide dusty streets and mesmerizing views. The town’s sleepiness is just a part of its charm. Kampot’s crumbling architecture also boasts a blend of Chinese style and French colonial buildings.

Needless to say, Kampot is one of the most popular exotic destinations in Cambodia. You must not miss viewing ancient ruins at the Kampot Kampong Trach caves, watch glistening waterfalls and don’t leave out indulging in their lip-smacking cuisine.

Cambodia is one of the most charming countries of Southeast Asia basting stunning landscapes, exotic temples, pristine beaches, and remaining of the Khmer empire. Ithas a mix of both old and brand-new destinations that will totally amaze you. Traverse the timeless beauty of this mighty country of gods by including popular travel destinations in your Cambodia tour packages. The peak seasons being Nov-Feb, the weather is pleasant throughout the year to offer a perfect holiday experience.