Bayon Temple

The Bayon Temple vies with Angkor Wat as one of the most famous Angkor temples for the visiting tourist on the Indochina tour packages. This monument has a very unique architecture that displays stone carvings of slightly smiling faces.

The actual Temple is part of a recognized UNESCO archaeological park and located 10 km from Siem Reap. It has a privileged location that is right in the middle of the town of Angkor Thom. The highlights of this Angkor temple include its signature faces and the variety of architectural complexes to explore. Climbing to the top of the temple gives a perfect view of the surroundings that is certain to appeal to the keen photographers.

The temple is relatively camouflaged and situated in dense jungle that is surrounded by a variety of objects that depict historical events and legends. It is also bordered by two very long walls. Each of the 1.2 km long walls has thousands of individual carvings that were likely to be originally painted, but have now started to fade noticeably.

The best features of the temple are the bas-reliefs on the outside walls of the upper and lower levels where it is possible to admire the stone faces.

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A visit to Bayon Temple on the Cambodian tour package is certain to give the most unique experience because this type of temple is completely different from any other. The nearly 200 carved faces on the sides of the temples help to give it the more distinct look. The early history of this monument is relatively unknown, but it is believed to have been constructed nearly 100 years after Angkor Wat.

Although Bayon Temple isn't quite as large as Angkor Wat, it is more compact in size and is necessary to walk through tight and dark passages. There are plenty of galleries and towers to explore in the temple that can be fully appreciated if able to travel with a tour guide who is able to explain the significance of the different features and carvings.

A typical timeframe to complete the walk through of the temple is in the region of 45 to 60 minutes. For the travellers with limited time, the best route to follow through the temple is to enter the east entrance until able to reach the first gallery; then to follow the marked path.

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The best time to visit the Bayon Temple on the Cambodia Adventure Tours is during November to March when the weather is usually fair. Although for those that prefer the more peaceful time with the less tourists, October to November is certain to be a great time for a tour of this temple complex.

How to get there
The journey to Bayon Temple is only about 10 km from Siem Reap, which makes it relatively easy to reach by car within 15 minutes, by tuk-tuk within 25 minutes, or by bicycle within 60 minutes. The preferred time to visit the Bayon Temple is in the afternoon to avoid a lot of the crowds. Plus, it also benefits to buy a Siem Reap tour guide to the fully appreciate what is on offer when visiting the local area.

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