The province of Kandal is in the northeast of Cambodia and virtually surrounded (but does not include) the capital city of Phnom Penh. Kandal is part of the wider Phnom Penh Metropolitan Area that has nearly 1,000,000 people living in or around the province. Most of this province includes agricultural plantations with large areas covered in rice fields.

The capital of this province is Ta Khmau and is approx. 20 km from Phnom Penh, and is a region that is known for its ancient history. A major attraction on the Cambodia travel packages includes Udong which was once Cambodia's capital city between 1618 and 1866.

The best things to see in Kandal include the quite battered Ta San Mosque, a huge 8m high reclining Buddha and several Stupas. Because of the relatively short distance from Phnom Penh, this town is easily visited in a day trip to explore the local sights.

kandal travel guide

The tropical climate in Cambodia means the temperature is virtually always warm and humid which makes this country great to visit at any time. The average temperature is in the region of 27°C, which can lower to a minimum of about 16°C. The preferred time to explore this country on the Indochina tour packages is when the temperature is at its coolest which is between October, November and December. The months with the most rain are May, June, July, August, September, October and November. If planning to travel during the rainy season it helps to pack extra supplies such as a waterproof jacket. Also during the rainy season, the countryside roads can become practically impossible to use, which is certain to have a negative effect on those travellers touring by road. The warmest month of the year is April which is best avoided by those that prefer to avoid touring sites in intense heat.

The Kandal province is approximately 3568 km² in size. This province is situated in the middle south of Cambodia and bordered by Vietnam to the south, Kampong Speu and Takeo to the west, Prey Veng to the east and Kampong Cham and Kampong Chhnang to the north.

The capital city of the province is Ta Khmao is within 20 km of Phnom Penh, which has helped to make Kandal one of the wealthiest regions in the Cambodia.

How to get there
The relatively short distance from Phnom Penh makes it very easy to reach Kandal using a variety of transport methods. The bus station is easily located near the central market in Phnom Penh. Even though most of the buses are en route to other provinces, they are still willing to stop in Kandal as they pass by. There are regular trips to Takeo which take place three or four times per day in the morning and early afternoon. The cost of using the bus services is in the region of $0.5-$1.

A quick and convenient option is the share taxi that completes the journey to Ta Khmau at regular intervals throughout the course of the day. The cost is about $1-$2.

Most of the roads around Phnom Penh are kept in a good state of repair which means that travelling on a motorbike is a popular option.

Where to stay
The hotels and guesthouses in Kandal can be found at quite cheap rates, but there isn’t much in the way of luxury accommodation. For the high end hotels it is preferable to stay in Phnom Penh on the Cambodia Package Holiday, which is just a short journey by motordop or taxi.

The L Elphant Blanc Resort is easily found on the National Road No 1 and a short distance after the Monivong Bridge. This is a quite expansive resort with plenty here include clean and comfortable rooms and fine food.

Eat and drink
There are a variety of bars and restaurants throughout the region of Kandal. A very authentic food experience is readily available at the local bars and restaurants. Most of the dishes are filled with noodles or rice and are light on the stomach. The local Khmer food can often include characteristics of Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. Plus, most of the dishes come at a very reasonable price.

The Say Sabok Restaurant is located close to the riverside and serves a range of international and Khmer dishes. It has the added benefit of offering a large bar area. Plus, there are a few rooms on site to stay overnight.

A visit of the Ses Sor Restaurant gives the perfect opportunity to try a varied mix of Chinese and Khmer dishes, and is located along National Road No. 2.

Similar to most of the small cities throughout Cambodia, such as Kandal there is a decent sized market to be found in the Thea Khmau centre. This area is usually very busy and offers a wide range of consumer products, gifts and souvenirs, as well as food like meats, vegetables, fruits and fish. For a unique item to buy, the travellers can look for the famous palm, rice or muscle wine.

Things to see and do

Phnom Udong
The one-time ancient city of Phnom Oudong is approx. 40 km from Phnom Penh via national highway No 5. This is a popular attraction when travelling and visited for its spires of stupas that appear from the mountaintop.

Koh Dach
A visit to the town of Koh Dach makes it possible for the tourists to explore a traditional silk weaving village with plenty of the inhabitants skilled at spinning and weaving. There is also a fishing village on the nearby River bank. It is about 20 km² in size and is easily reached via national highway No 6 by road or travelling on the Mekong River by boat. The travel distance is approx. 20 km northeast of Phnom Penh.

Angkor Chey Pagoda
A tour of the Angkor Chey Pagoda makes it possible to explore this cultural area. It is a total travel distance of 32.5 km from Ta Khmao, and at the easiest route is to travel on national highway No 1. Plus, there is also an entertainment centre that is ready to be explored by the tourist on the Cambodia Adventure Tours.

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