Awe-Inspiring National Parks of Cambodia
As well as the famous Angkor Wat, exotic beaches and rich heritage, Cambodia is a perfect destination to explore beautiful and unique natural parks. This is this one reason to book the Cambodia travel packages that include a major amount of greenery in the itinerary. Here are six national parks that are well worth a visit:

Ream National Park
Ream National Park is rich in natural wonders and has a perfect coastal location that helps to create a remarkable mini adventure.

This park has plenty of things to see and do including the safari opportunities, dolphin watching, snorkelling, coastal mangroves, and its misty jungles - in truth there is something for everyone. For the keen birdwatchers, there are a few birds of prey to be admired including the gray-headed fish eagle and white-bellied sea eagle, as well as several other creatures and mammals that are native to this country.

For the traveller that is looking for a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere in a quiet and peaceful national park, then the Ream National Park is certain to appeal. Its coastal location gives easy access to brilliant sandy beaches and coral reefs.

Ream National Park

Kirirom National Park
Kirirom National Park (translates to "happy mountain" in English) is located in the Phnom Sruoch District and a pure delight for the travellers on the Cambodia package holiday interested in seeing the natural wonders of this country.

This national park was the first officially recognised in Cambodia and is rich in pine forests, lush green flora and cascading waterfalls with plenty of trekking trails to explore the area.

The trails give spectacular views when travelling by foot or by bike. Beyond exploring the stunning scenery, there are also a few activities to get involved with, such as canoeing, horse riding and fishing. Wildlife in the local area includes leopards, spotted linsangs, sun bears, wild ox banteng, deer and Asian elephants. A relaxing time can be spent enjoying a picnic or bathe in the slow flowing waters that come from the mountain heights.

Getting to this natural park is relatively straightforward. A trip from Phnom Penh by shared taxi or bus can take in the region of two hours to complete.

Phnom Kulen National Park
The Phnom Kulen National Park is appreciated for its religious values and magnificent waterfalls. It has plenty of historical significance and is easily reached by the tourists staying in Siem Reap. Siem Reap to the Phnom Kulen National Park is a travel distance of about 48 km.

This national park has its origins dating back to the ninth century Khmer Empire and home to centuries-old ruins, temples and sculptures. Many areas of the park today are still relatively untouched and give a magnificent experience to see the cultural aspects of Cambodia. Plus the waterfalls and rivers that flow throughout the area help to add a touch of awe and tranquillity.

One of the most spectacular sights in the park is to visit the Kbal Spean (translates into “River of a Thousand Lingas” in English) archaeological site. This area is rich in sculptures and sandstone carved river beds that date to the 11th and 12th centuries.

Phnom Bokor National Park
The Phnom Bokor National Park is located in Kampot high in the Damrei Mountains. This park is filled with abandoned and ghostly structure that creates the rather mystical adventure tour - though it was once a thriving resort town – but still a very popular destination of the Cambodia Adventure Tours. It is a total size of 1581 km² with the landscape filled with fresh mountain streams, waterfalls and tropical jungles.

A visit to Bokor on the Vietnam travel package gives perfect views of the surroundings, including the southern Cambodian islands and neighbouring Phu Quoc island of Vietnam.

One of the central features of Bokor National Park is the gothic looking and abandoned French hill station that can make a quite eerie sight, but is certain to be a must see attraction for the avid trekker. By delving deeper into the thick jungle, there are a few sign-posted trails that can lead along a winding path.

It is possible to spend the night at the top of the mountain with cabins and beds available near to the ranger station. A trekking tour of this area is certain to be magnificent with its hidden caves, splendid waterfalls and forests, as well as the Bokor hill fort.

This park is also rich in wildlife which is mostly thanks to the untouched tropical region and includes Asiatic black bear, leopards, Malayan sun bear, tigers, yellow-throated martin, red muntjac deer and a large herd of Indian elephants. Also, for the birdwatcher there is nearly 300 species of birds flying through the sky over the park.

Virachey National Park
The Virachey National Park is a unique and beautiful attraction in Cambodia that is located in north east Ratanakiri and borders with Vietnam and Laos. Plus, it is one of the few recognised ASEAN Heritage Parks in south-east Asia.

Magnificent carvings, statues and temples take a dominant place throughout the park and are seen among the wildlife tracks and secluded jungle. This park has his own fair share of rare animal species, including the sun bears, great hornbills and endangered gibbon. Beyond the typical tourist trails, there are also the more adventurous tracks and rivers to be explored. By completing a trek to the gentle waterfalls, it gives a great opportunity to cool off as the water flows down the mountain range.

Kep National Park
The Kep National Park is a perfect destination on the Cambodian tour packages for the more adventurous traveller. This Park gives access to a winding trail that stretches 5 miles into a mountainous region to give perfect views over abandoned temples and the sea.

Beyond the main winding trail, there are a few other signposted treks that have the potential to completely take your breath away, which relates to not only the magnificent views but the workout that is needed to complete it. For the complete beginner to mountain hiking, it may be more practical to start on the short trails before moving on to the more difficult and long ones.

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