Spa and Massage in Phnom Penh

Few holidays offer as much as those that offer a different culture. Tourists that head to South East Asia on a Vietnam and Cambodia tour package are going to find that every day has something new, it is sometimes impossible to relax because of what the day has brought, and then there is always what the next day will bring. Cambodia has had a difficult history but in recent years, it has attracted an increasing number of tourists wanting to see this lovely country. If you decide on a Cambodia holiday your days will be filled with new sights and experiences. At the end of the day, you need to be able to relax in order to enjoy what is to come. A great way to do that is by booking a spa and massage. It is an Asian tradition and something you should certainly do during your Cambodia travel.

spa and massage in phnom penh

There are plenty of things to do in Cambodia and a massage is a ‘’must.’’ In Phnom Penh, there are plenty of places to go. Often spa and massage facilities will be available in your hotel that a travel agent will have booked for you in advance of your arrival. If you have not got the option of such leisure facilities in place in your Phnom Penh accommodation, here are a few suggestions about the places you can go for this relaxing treatment:

•    Bodia Spa on the river front close to the National Museum is part of a chain of Spas in Cambodia that has gained a good reputation for quality and service

•    Paradiso Spa near the Independence Monument has 5 separate cabins where you can receive great treatment in complete privacy.

•    Bliss Spa is close by near the Royal Palace in an old colonial building.

•    La Rose on Norodom Boulevard provides a relaxing environment as soon as you walk through the door.

•    One Day Spa & Beauty Salon in 54 Street is a place that not only offers excellent treatment, it also serves as a training centre for locals to develop their skills; don’t worry, you will not be a guinea pig.

•    Tokyo Barber Shop on Street 278 where you can enjoy a massage, before, after or even without getting a haircut.

•    Amara Spa near Sisowath Quay offers a range of services and it is rarely necessary to book in advance.

•    Anna’s Spa’s speciality is waxing; the wax is imported from Australia.

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