Prasat Kou & Andong Boran

Prasat Kou & Andong Boran

The 'Prasat Kou', which means the 'twin temple', is one of the oldest temple ruins of Stung Treng province, located in the heart of the jungle of Kam Phun commune, Se San district. It is approximately 5 km. away from the Badeoum temple and about 25 km. east of Stung Treng's provincial town.

The Prasat Kou temple may have been erected during the 6-7th centuries. Because of its old age and remote location away from the heritage protection authorities, this tower temple collapsed as a result of looters and natural causes.

One the mysterious features of the surrounding temple is that it contains many huge ancient black stone pieces that are unique to this area, seemingly ancient concrete and cement materials. Strangely, these types of stone have not been found in other areas. These two enormous peculiar pieces of black stone are why local people call the temple 'Prasat Kou’.

Next to the Prasat Kou and the two stone pieces there is another large piece of stone measuring about 7 meters in diameter, called the 'Andong Boran' which means the ‘ancient drill', located on the surface of the stone. This ancient drill is about 1 meter in diameter and about 1 meter deep over the stone; it is perpetually full of water even during the dry season.

The local people believe that the water of this ancient drill is sacred water that can induce good fortune and good health.

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