Preah Ko temple

Preah Ko temple

If you travel to Stung Treng, you should visit Preah Ko temple. 

Located in Thala Borivath commune, Preah Ko temple can be accessed by the confluence of the Se Kong and Mekong rivers. Preah Ko temple is an important historical site in Stung Treng province; it was built in the 6th-7th Centuries, during the reign of King Jayavarman I, in dedication to Brahmanism religion.

Preah Ko temple was built using only a few distinct materials, mostly red brick and sandstone. Today, what remains of this temple is the main tower and several temple ruins surrounding the main tower.

In front of the temple is a statue of Preah Ko (sacred cow). This is the main reason why younger Cambodians called this temple 'Preah Ko'.

At the eastern site of Preah Ko statue is a 10-square meter space for Viey Khel, a traditional folk game played annually before the Khmer New Year over a period of four days and three nights. Viey Khel is also played by the ethnic Kuoy minority in their annual festivals in some provinces in the Kingdom of Cambodia, such as Stung Treng, Kampong Thom and Preah Vihear province.

The Preah Ko temple site is located in Thala commune, Thala Borivath district, about two kilometers from the provincial town.