Preah Theat Temple

Preah Theat Temple

Located on a hill about 3 km. away from the outskirts of Stung Treng town, the Preah Theat temple is one of the most sacred places of worship for residents and visitors alike. As such, it is an important historical site in the province. This temple was built in the 6th century during the reign of King Jayavarman I.

The temple tower no longer remains but the foundation and stair steps demonstrate that it was a single tower temple. The Yoni half for the Yoni-Linga pair remains on the central part of this temple. This 'pair' is symbolic of the God representative to whom residents and visitors pray for good luck.

Recently, the Department of Culture and Fine Arts of Stung Treng province built a new wooden roof over the Preah Theat Temple construction area to protect it from the weather.

In front of the wooden building along the stairs and roadside, there are a few pieces of broken lintel. Even while broken, they retain their own unique beauty from the original architecture. These lintels are decorated by the head of Makara (a powerful sea-dragon), a horse, some flowers, as well as the icon of Brahman god Vishnu.

Preah Thea temple was built using mostly red brick and sandstone. The original size of the temple is similar in dimensions to the Preah Ko temple in Thala borivat district.