Ta Prohm

The Centuries-Old Jungle Temple- Ta Prohm
Located in the midst of a dense jungle, Ta Prohm Temple founded by the Khmer King Jayavarman VII during the 12th century. Being the dominant atmospheric ruins at Angkor, this temple is in the top list of every visitor who travels to Cambodia. The fact that it is, it has almost swallowed by large banyan trees, which increases its value and makes it distinct from the other monuments of Angkor.

The history
This Buddhist temple construction started in 1186 and continued until the 13th century.  It is a popular belief that the King Jayavarman VII constructed the temple as a dedication to his mother. Ta Prohm is one of the few temples in Angkor where you can find theinscriptionof temple’s dependents and the workers involved in the construction. Ta Prohm is known as a temple of towers with narrow and closed courtyard corridors that are clogged with stoned blocks dislodge by the strong roots of huge trees.Unfortunately, the temple was looted heavily in the past years due to isolation and several ancient stone carvings have been stolen.  

Activities to do at Ta Prohm
Ta Prohm is an extensively ruined centuries-old temple, and everything here is all aboutnature and architecture. There are about 39 towers in the temple that are connected by different galleries. Most of the galleries appears partially destroyed, and visitors are not allowed to climb into the galleries. Visitors can explore some of the towers, narrow corridors; see the stone reliefs, closed courtyards and flora, and fauna of the dense jungle.  

Some specific areas of the Ta Prohm temple are impassable while the others are accessible by narrow and dark passages. It is recommended to travel with a guide with clear route map and landmarks to avoid getting lost in the jungle. Everywhere around you, you can see nature in this double role as protector and destroyer. The old carved stoned structures and pillars have fallen offblocking the interiors and making it impossible for people tovisit the inside of some towers.

Tourists’ attractions
The major tourist attraction in Siem Reap Cambodia is the Angkor Wat, the most significant religious monument and temple complex in the world. You can book an Angor temple tour to explore the ancient temple ruins that instantly takes you to the centuries of Khmer empire

The attractions vary from simple to intricately styled temples with dramatic tree roots covering most parts of the buildings making it an excellent photography spot.

How to see around
Visiting Ta Prohm requires a lot of walking and trekking narrow passages. If you are driving to the temple, you can get down at the back entrance thatis closer to the main building. There are wooden steps and walkways to get to the temple and explore the interiors. Though the steps are short and gentle, there are handrails to help old people and young children to get to the complex.

The Ta Prohm temple, one of the largest Temples of Angkor, Cambodia is the most beautiful during the early morning hours. It is delightful to see the sunlight delicately caresses the green branches of immensely large trees and the destroyed building structures. It is one of the must-visit destinations of Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Ta Prohm map