Ta Som Temple

The Ta Som is a small temple located on the eastern end of Jayataka Baray in Cambodia. It is 12th-century construction, reflecting the glorious Balyan style of art. The quiet temple presently turned into a busy tourist spot. You can read a lot of travel experience about the richness of art culture written by various tourists on their travel blogs and other publication, which also a reason for the tourist influx into this beautiful location.

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The significance of Ta Som temple:
The Ta Som is yet to be restored but still portrays the Bayon style of art you can feel in every nook and corner of the temple. This single tower monument is

Surrounded by three walls, the single tower monument welcome tourist from its eastward looking entrance. The west side has beautiful carving with four different faces, and the face on the right side has a beautiful smile engraved on them. The entry towers have a shape in the form of a cross with a room located on each side connecting towards the laterite wall.

Adventurous activities around Ta Som:
If you are an adventurous person, and looking forward to doing some thrilling activities around the temple, then you can climb through the north side of the temple. Although there is a path created to reach the libraries, courtyard and Central Sanctuary, trekking is always a good option to experience the aura of the temple. Get proper guidance from a tour operator who can help you climb through over the collapsed stones at ease.

Although the place has ruins of previous centuries, there are luxurious greeneries surrounded the temple, which will be a fantastic experience for people interested in photography. Make sure to visit the temple early in the morning to click some beautiful pictures.

How to reach Ta Som temple?
This Buddhist temple can access straight from the Eastern Mebon. The temple is on the right side, and there is a marker stone located on the ground that can depict the number of kilometers you have to travel to reach the destination. As an alternative mode of transport, you can go for a bike ride or depend on transport service. Your tour operator can facilitate for rent-a-bike service or contract transport service.

Most of the tour operators do mention about the transport and other fees related to visiting the temple with their tour packages. Also, some of them are even arranging a tourist visa for people who are willing to visit the Ta Som temple that has been neglected by archeologists and researchers. Reaching the temple in a car shall be a good option for overseas tourists.

Planning your trip to Ta Som:
The climate around Ta Som  temple remains moderate all through the year, and you can visit here anytime. As it takes about five to six hours of time to explore the Ta Som temple completely, you can spend your time until afternoon at the temple and then take over your next stop in Cambodia. Be there early in the morning, so that you can feel the positive vibes, the missing element of modern life.

Ta Som Temple map