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Vietnam is rich in incredible natural scenery, culture, historical gems and friendly people to make this part of SE Asia a wonderful place to visit for passionate travellers.

A tour of the country from the north to south can present many different experiences and adventures. The breathtaking landscape is one of the most positive reasons to book the cheap flights to Vietnam.

Whether it is the limestone islets in Halong Bay, the sand dunes in Mui Ne, or the lush-green rice terraces in Sapa, you won't have any difficulty in finding fun and interesting things to see and do in this country.

When is the best time to book a flight to Vietnam?
The availability of cheap airfare to Vietnam will vary with the season or time of year. Typically, the cost of flights can be more expensive during the summer season (July to August) and major holidays, such as Tet, the Vietnamese New Year.

The airfares are often more attractive at other times of the year when outside of the busy summer season for travel.

If you are looking to book a flight during the busy summer season, you will probably find it benefits to start organising the Vietnam holiday at least 6-8 months in advance. An early booking is likely to increase the ability to obtain the cheapest flights to Vietnam.

Alternatively, if you plan to travel at the start or end of the tourist season, such as March/April or September/October, you should aim to make the travel arrangements 7-10 weeks in advance to increase the likelihood of obtaining the cheapest flights to Vietnam.

cheap flights from australia to vietnam

How to find the most attractive flight deals?
Australians planning a visit to Vietnam have a variety of options to find the best deals on airfare. Unfortunately, there isn't a single easy way that will always attract the best prices on airfare. In order to get the best prices it helps to invest a little time and effort to try the many different booking sites, wait for the better times, or alter your travel dates.

One of the simplest methods to find the budget airline carriers is to use a price comparison website. They give the option to literally search hundreds of different Vietnam plane tickets for the most attractive price. Additionally, it is important to check the discount airlines which don't always appear on the booking or comparison sites. Go directly to their site to check the latest cheap flights to Vietnam.

Additionally, the ability to source the most competitive prices is possible when you have a flexible travel schedule. Also, the ability to book the flight to Vietnam early, especially at times of peak travel periods is certain to help. Many airlines raise their prices a week or two before flying, so make sure to plan ahead to avoid this type of issue.

For the best deals on international flights, you want to make sure to book at least three to six months in advance.

However, on occasion, there is the option to save when booking at the last minute and still benefit from the best prices and options. This type of saving is available when an airline isn't able to fill their planes for an upcoming route.

How long is the flight from Australia to Vietnam?
The flight time is relatively consistent with the different Australian airports, and likely to take-

Melbourne to Vietnam equals a flight time of 8 hours 15 minutes
Sydney to Vietnam equals a flight time of 8 hours 30 minutes
Perth to Vietnam equals a flight time of 8 hours 30 minutes
Brisbane to Vietnam equals a flight time of 11 hours 30 minutes

Which airline carries fly to Vietnam?
Australia has several options to find cheap flight tickets to Vietnam. For instance, a low-cost airline like Jetstar Airways is a reliable option for the direct flights to a major city like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam Airlines is a national carrier that does offer great deals at certain times of the years, especially if you are able to take advantage of one of the early-bird specials.

Additionally, there are several other airlines that include a regular route to Vietnam such as Virgin Australia, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, China Southern, Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Cathay Pacific.

On many occasions, the cheapest flights to Vietnam are likely to fly direct to Ho Chi Minh City because that city has the ability to serve more airlines.

After arriving at your Vietnam airport
Vietnam's largest airport is Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) which is located in the south of the country and within a short distance (approx 6 km) from Ho Chi Minh City. After arriving at your airport, the easiest route to your hotel is via taxi or public bus service. Taking a taxi is certain to be the most convenient option, but the public bus service is the most cost-effective and runs every 20 minutes.

However, for travellers intending to arrive at Noi Bai International Airport (HAN) in the north of Vietnam, there are plenty of buses, taxis and minibuses to complete the 27 km journey to the centre of Hanoi.

Tips for travelling in Vietnam
Australian citizens travelling to Vietnam are required to obtain a valid visa and hold an up-to-date passport with at least 6 months remaining.

Beyond the option to obtain a visa to Vietnam prior to departure by visiting a local Vietnamese embassy, there is also the choice to apply online for a visa on arrival. The second option is likely to be the most cost-effective and is very easy to organise the official approval letter prior to travel via a locally based Vietnam travel agent.

Make sure to check the latest guidelines on vaccination requirements and health advice.

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