Cheap Flights from the UK to Vietnam


Vietnam is a fascinating country in SE Asia with an incredibly varied landscape that blends paddy fields, the Word Heritage Site of Halong Bay, a stunning coastline, large areas of forest and many mountainous regions.

Additionally, for travellers interested in the country's past history and culture, there are plenty of ancient relics, such as the colonial buildings, temples, sanctuaries and even hidden caves used at the time of the Vietnam War.

With the increase in tourism to this part of Asia, the cheap flights to Vietnam are becoming a lot more accessible with a direct flight from London widely available.

When is the best time to book a flight to Vietnam?
The cheap flight tickets to Vietnam are more readily accessible when you are able to either book early or travel at the right time of the year.

You will likely find the cheapest flights to Vietnam outside of the busy summer period (July to August) and major holiday events, such as Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, as well as Christmas and New Year holidays.

The ability to find the cheap airfare to Vietnam starts to become easier for a period like January to June.  

Pre-booking the flight tickets for the Vietnam holiday four to six months in advance is certain to help attract the more appealing prices. Additionally, if you are able to maintain a certain degree of flexibility in your holiday arrangements, you have a much better chance of saving money.

Try to avoid travelling in times of festivals or school holidays as this is highly likely to see an increase in flight tickets and other expenses at this time of year.

cheap flights from the uk to vietnam

What are the major airports in Vietnam?
Vietnam has several international airports that are perfect for travellers arriving from the UK. Ho Chi Minh City in the south of the country has the busiest airport (Tan Son Nhat) with nearly 30 million passengers passing through on an annual basis. Also, Vietnam's capital city, Hanoi has the Noi Bai International airport, which has the ability to handle up to 20 million passengers.

After arriving at either of these airports, the transport route into the central city area is relatively easy with plenty of access to taxis or minibus.

Other options include the airports at Nha Trang and Da Nang which are certain to appeal to those UK travellers in search of the popular beach resorts.

How long is the flight from the UK to Vietnam?
The flight time can vary with the departing airport, and likely to take-

Birmingham to Hanoi equals a flight time of 14 hours 25 minutes
Manchester to Ho Chi Minh City equals a flight time of 15 hours 10 minutes
London to Hanoi equals a flight time of 11 hours 20 minutes
Glasgow to Ho Chi Minh City equals a flight time of 15 hours 45 minutes

Which airline carries fly to Vietnam?
The majority of direct and indirect flights to Vietnam are available through carriers like Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad, Vietnam Airlines and British Airlines.

Most travellers to Vietnam will simply base their choice of airline on personal preference and the ability to find the cheapest flights to Vietnam. An airline like Qatar or Emirates will offer a very high-quality service with appealing in-flight entertainment.

Beyond the direct route to Vietnam, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a stopover in a country like Dubai or Hong Kong which is a lot closer. Even a short stay in a country can be enjoyed if your time in the city is well planned.

Once the Vietnam holiday has been organised and you know the arrival airport in Vietnam, you can start shopping around for the most attractive ticket prices.

After arriving at your Vietnam airport
After arriving in Hanoi, there are several options to get to the city centre, such as using the regular bus and taxi service. Using the bus service (5AM to 10PM) will give the most affordable travel option and take approx. 60 minutes.

However, the taxi service is the most convenient option and most likely to appeal to those travellers on the Vietnam holiday with a lot of luggage. Also, if taking a taxi make sure to agree on the price before getting in to avoid the risk of being overcharged at the other end.

For travellers arriving in Ho Chi Minh City, the cheapest way to reach your hotel is via the local bus service. There are several bus services that vary in quality and price. Also, for the more relaxing journey, there is the option to book a taxi which will be a lot more expensive compared to the bus.

Tips for travelling in Vietnam
Citizens from several countries have the option to apply for a short-term visa exemption that does currently apply to British citizens. If the visa exemption is available at the time of travelling (until 30 June 2021), you get to enjoy a stay in Vietnam that can last up to 15 days (including entry/exit dates).

However, for any stay in the country that lasts beyond the 15 days, it will be necessary to apply for the appropriate visa.

Visitors have several options to apply for a cheap visa to Vietnam, such as a visa on arrival and e-visa which are both online options and visiting a Vietnamese embassy in person. For many travellers, the visa on arrival is the most cost-effective option, but is only suited for entry via one of the specified international airports.

Make sure to ask about the latest vaccination and health advice before travelling to Vietnam.

Also, the baggage allowance for your chosen airline should be checked and complied with. Additionally, for economy class, the permitted baggage allowance is less than business or first class.

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