Indochina Tour Packages - Must See Destinations (Vietnam – Laos - Cambodia)

Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia are very prominent travel destinations in Southeast Asia for Indochina Tour Packages other than any Southeast Asian countries. Known for their beautiful temples and incredible cultural heritage, Indochina is always a fascinating tourist destination. For those you love the natural touching, you will be mesmerized to see the natural beauties, flora, and fauna. Indochina, alternatively the Indochinese Peninsula is the historical name stands for Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

The diverse tropical climate and abundant natural resources have made the place very special for tourists. Tourism developments have made a positive effect on local communities and environment, and you can experience the impact during your Indochina holiday trip. The tour package will be a pleasant experience, and you will love the fancy of enjoying every bit of adventure tour to explore the wildlife, relaxing hours at beautiful beaches, mountain trekking and bemusing local culture.

Indochina tours are in fact a mixture of learning, traveling and experiencing the regional specialties. The popularity of these places is increasing at a fast rate. It attracts a huge number of tourists every year, especially foreigners to the heritage spots of Indochina. To explore Indochina means immersing oneself in diverse cultural wonders.

Laos retains its old-fashioned charm. Vietnam cities are friendly with French style calmness. Indochina has a perfect Southeast Asian taste. A visit to Indochina will never lack you any mixture of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Explore the diverse culture of Indochina!

Planning your holiday under an Indochina Tour Package will be not a difficult task, as you can have a plethora of travel agents offering various types tour packages, some are genuine to the core, and some are there just an online entity. Before your plan and select your tour operator, make an assessment through various online sources and take some personal reference.  

Companies like, Vivu Travel can offer you best services, since they have years of experience, managed by professionals, serviced with well-mannered executives who are quite sure of their duties and responsibilities. You will have a friendly atmosphere, and they are all able to communicate with you in fluent English, effortlessly.

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Tour packages offered
Vivu Travel is an honest, reliable and efficient agency that is adaptable for one's personal tour. It offers an impressive travel itinerary for Indochina Tour Packages that can give you maximum fun and satisfaction. Their tours are completely independent and tailored well by experienced travel executives, promising to take care of every minute detail. It is also possible for you to customize the trip giving your ideas and the tour operator will chart out your tour program.

Indochina tourism is highly flexible for travelers from Cambodia as well as Vietnam. Several measures are in practice to aid travelers from other nations to have a memorable visit to countries constituting Indochina. The travel company offers various Indochina travel packages that meet a particular style and period of journey. Few are luxury tours, adventure tours, family tours, honeymoon vacation and classic tours. Visit Indochina to experience its food, culture, people, shopping, and history associated.

Indochina classic tours
Vivu Travel offers several exclusive Indochina tour packages from places like Phnom Penh, Hanoi, Luang Prabang. The specialty of this tour is that it is an outstanding chance for travelers to discover the various impressive and graceful areas of Indochina and its specialties such as distinct lifestyles, beautiful natures, historic attractions and unique cultures.

The duration of classic tour ranges from fourteen days to twenty-five days. You can choose several packages as per your choice preference. For a classic tour of twenty days from Luang Prabang, the main highlights are Luang Prabang, Tam Coc, countryside areas of Hoi An, Nha Trang town beach, Angkor temples, Hanoi Old Quarters, Halong Bay, Hue Royal Citadel, Mekong Delta and Cu Chi tunnels.

Each spot included in this package are excellent travel spots with great significance.

Luxury Indochina tours with ever-memorable dividends:
The luxury tour is actually an individual journey that has a flexible schedule. Vivu Travel offers luxury Indochina tours from Hanoi for twelve days. It is one of the short and relaxing tours as the focus will be only on few cities. The highlights are the Halong luxury cruise, Angkor temples, and old streets of Hanoi city, Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta. There are several other luxury tour packages too.

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Adventure tours
Do you love adventure? If yes, you can have the best Indochina Tour Packages meeting your interests. Every Indochinese nation has a diverse culture, distinct attractions, and beautiful landscapes. Historic towns, old monuments, and royal capitals are must see spots.

The Indochina adventure trip will assist you in witnessing the truly hidden parts of Vietnam as well as Laos with all their cultural highlights of several ethnic minorities and fascinating scenery. You have much more to explore. Enjoy your days with Vivu Travel.

Family tours that can offer impressive moments
Vivu Travel offers several Indochina family tours that are highly affordable. The Indochina tours with a focus primarily on family preferences, designed in such a way that everyone can enjoy all main highlights of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam in the sunshine. Few popular spots included in the family tour are Cu Chi tunnels, Mekong Delta, Angkor Wat, Mekong Delta and Angkor Thom.

It is a brilliant tour package designed to cover the beautiful Indochina with cultural heritages, natural heritages, bustling cities, ancient traditions, charming town, history and more. The family tour packages are available from Siem Reap, Saigon, and Hanoi.

Honeymoon vacation tours – for those special moments
The honeymoon travel packages are best for those who are just married. You can choose the duration for honeymoon package as per your requirements, short or extended one. Generally, the short honeymoon tour will have a systematic approach to experience the various traditions of Indochina. Vivu Travel promises an unforgettable honeymoon vacation. You can also visit various UNESCO heritages located in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam within the scheduled period and experience the best.

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Core attractions of Indochina tours that can make you spellbound:
Over the past decade, there has been a tourism boom in Indochina. On almost everyone’s list, the top rated destinations are Angkor temples of Cambodia, Plain of Jars in Laos and Hoi An, Hue cities in Vietnam. These fantastic sights are must see spots. By any means, you must try to visit these places, if you are planning for an Indochina tour package. Most of the best Indochina destinations are remain off the radar. Several old favorites are always under the spotlight.  

Angkor – a very significant archaeological location:
Angkor is a very important archaeological site in Cambodia that stretches over four hundred square kilometers. It includes forested region and archaeological park, which contains beautiful remains of various capitals of Khmer empire from ninth to the fifteenth century. These remains include Bayon Temple, Temple of Angkor Wat, and Angkor Thom and so on with numerous sculptural decorations. UNESCO has many programs to protect this symbolic area of Indochina travel destinations and its surroundings.

Angkor has impressive monuments, old urban plans, and huge water reservoirs that exhibit it to have a distinct concentration of characteristics testifying to an outstanding civilization. This site exemplifies religious, cultural and symbolic values. It also contains high artistic and architectural significance. Make it a point to include this destination in your Indochina Holiday tour.

Angkor temples are the abode of many ancient gods. They are the perfect combination of spiritual devotion and creative ambition. King Suryavarman II of Khmer regime built it in the 12th century, dedicated to Lord Vishnu but later transformed into Buddhist temple succumbing to the cultural and political changes. It is the largest single religious temple complex in the world.

The top experiences in Angkor temples are Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm, Banteay Srei, Bayon, Koh Ker, Phnom Kulen, Kbal Spean, Preah Khan and Beng Mealea. Today, Angkor temples are the site of pilgrimage. No tourist wants to miss this outstanding beauty.

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Things to remember during Angkor visit
Dress respectfully to meet the religious sentiments while you are at Angkor temples. Travelers need to wear a shirt with long sleeves, long trousers, and no bare shoulders as part of the customary costume to visit the temple. The majority of temples has Buddhist statues. Most of the people in Cambodia are Buddhist. They consider this place very sacred.

How can you reach to Angkor?
Visiting Angkor Wat is easy by air. The nearest airports are at Siem Reap, Bangkok, Phom Penh, Ubon, and Utapao. You can also reach by road if you travel from Vietnam and Thailand. There are direct flights to Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia from Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Ming City, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, and Vientiane. Over the river, just 6 hours travel from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap.

Motorcycles are a good option within Angkor Wat. Tourists will not get permission to ride bikes here. Therefore, you can hop as a pillow rider. Tuk tuk is the perfect choice for groups. It is actually a motorcycle having a hooded carriage.  

Apart from Angkor temples, there are several other things to do and see as a part of Indochina holiday trip in Cambodia. Hanging out on Pub Street, countryside tours, traditional dance, and cultural activities, floating villages in Tonle Sap Lake, sunset viewings at Angkor and Cambodian circus are few attractions of Cambodia.

Plain of Jars
Plain of Jars in Laos is famous for the giant jars made of stone. Its ancient origin is unknown. You can find many such jars scattered around Phonsavan over several hundreds of square kilometers. Though known by misleading name, the majority of these jars you can see on top of the hills. The largest jars even weigh over ten tons. The mystery of civilization that created the jars continues logically unanswered. Many new theories and interpretations have appeared from various corners, but none of them is conclusive enough to confirm the facts. Due to the huge size of jars, archaeologists think the jars to be prehistoric burial sites for some old civilization. Few believes it could be distilling jars. Plain of Jars is the most famous Indochina holiday travel destination in the northeastern Laos. Vivu Travel can help you to explore it.

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How can you reach to Plain of Jars?
You can reach to Plain of Jars by air either from Luang Prabang or from Vientiane. Overland travel is also possible from the central part of Vietnam and northern or central Laos. It is one of the favorite ways to reach Xieng Khouang in Plain of Jars. The nearby airports are Phon Savan, Thanh Hoe. From Luang Prabang, it takes just four hours to reach Plain of Jars by car.

Entry fee for visiting Plain of Jars
You can find many jar sites with various entrance fees. The entry fee is not very expensive and is about ten thousand kip, that is, 1.3 US dollars per person to each location. The opening hours are from nine in the morning to five in the evening. The fee is reasonable and worth. Never miss Plain of jars during your Indochina travel.

Luang Prabang Ancient town – enjoy the heritage
Luang Prabang Ancient town is located in northern Laos. It is a UNESCO world heritage site, and tourists consider this location as one of the best heritage destination in Indochina. It is one of the must-see spots in any Indochina travel trip. This ancient town is the heart of the Laotian culture and surrounded by mountains.

It is a premier tourist destination of Laos and one of the most beautiful spots in Southeast Asia. Travelers love to pay more for the innate pleasures of drinking, eating and sleeping here due to its unique ambiance. The entire historical section of ancient town has its dominance in Indochina tourism. It remains as a major center for the Buddhist learning and is the best spot for the spiritual contemplation.

Scaling peaks, beautiful waterfalls, and Mekong River give an abundant opportunity to climb, sail and swim. Enjoy your Indochina holiday trip at this mesmerizing spot.

Being a well-preserved town, you can rightly enjoy the architectural beauty of thirty-four Buddhist temples adorned with Chinese, Lao and colonial architecture influence. Various rituals and cultural traditions, distinctive artworks consisting of woodcarving, murals and pottery make the ancient town a very attractive spot. Enjoy your vacation with great Indochina Tour Packages.

How will you find your way to Luang Prabang?
The town is very easily accessible by air directly from Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Vientiane. For travelers who love adventure, the best option is overland travel from any direction. A regular boat service is available between Mekong and Houayxay, which is a town in Laos near to Chiang Kong in Thailand. The bus journey is a much slower means of transport to reach Luang Prabang from Chaing Main and Vientiane. At present, there is no train connection to this place.

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To see and do at Luang Prabang
Never miss the natural and historical places that are really worth a visit in this ancient town. The natural attractions nearby are Kuang Si waterfalls, Pak Ou caves, Phousi Hill, and so on. The Kuang Si waterfalls area is so picturesque with turquoise pools that are beautifully terraced. There is a bear rescue center too. Other historical buildings that you should see in Indochina holiday classic tour are Wat Xieng Thong Temple and Royal Palace Museum.

Several stalls of night market are active from six to ten in the evening at Luang Prabang. In the market, you can find locally produced handicrafts items as well as imported items. You can even try the local food here. The night market is very close to Royal Place, specifically on Sisavangvong Road. Many local restaurants here organize the Laotian cooking classes. Make the best use of Indochina Tour Packages by actively participating in the local events and enjoy the fun.

Hoi An
Hoi An is a historical and most atmospheric town in Vietnam. This historic spot was a major port once upon a time. It has the excellent architecture and beautiful riverside that exhibits the true heritage. This town is free of environmental pollution, hails for its zero traffic condition, and hence is popular for its virginity. Because of these peculiarities, it has turned into a highlighted destination in Indochina tours. Now, Hoi An is one among the most wealthy towns of Vietnam, a tourism center, and international culinary Mecca. The famous sights at Hoi An you can see are Tan Ky House, Quan Cong Temple, Japanese Covered Bridge, Tran Family Chapel, Hoi An Old Town, Phuoc Lam Pagoda, and more.

Though Hoi An had a revival in fortunes, the incredible heritage is still preserved. There are several lounge bars and boutique hotels as a part of tourist business. Apart from these, you can even find boat trips, motorbike or bicycle tours, beautiful sceneries and beaches if you can travel few kilometers further. Everything is within an easy reach.

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Things to do and see at Hoi An
Never miss any delicious food in Hoi An during your Indochina travel. As per many popular international travel magazines, Hoi An is a leading food paradise that offers tasty, cheap and diverse dishes. The traditional lantern is highly attractive, and it is instrumental in bringing fascinating charm to streets and houses. The major attractions are My Son Sanctuary, Chuc Thanh Pagoda, Van Duc Pagoda, Cua Dai beach, and more.

Other tour destinations in Indochina
Many travel organizers, deliberately exclude relevant other travel locations from the Indochina holiday tour packages. Nevertheless, with Vivu Travel you will find most of the fascinating places chipped into their tour packages, which can let you carry ever-memorable moments as a lifelong treasure. You can discuss your travel plans with the tour planning executives, and they can create tailor made tour programs for you.  

Explore and enjoy to the fullest by visiting these locations mainly omitted by other tour promoters. Kampot in Cambodia can show you the temple ruins of old Funan Empire, few beach resorts, and Bokor National Park. In Vietnam, Kon Tum and Chau Doc are good spots that are attractive for the architectural extremes and natural beauty respectively. Jungle Beach, Quy Nhon, Danang and Mui Ne Beach are other attractions in Vietnam. In Laos, do visit Phou Khao National Park.  

Nowadays Indochina Tour Packages are in high demand due to the tourism boom in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Vivu Travel provides various Indochina travel packages that will definitely meet one's style and budget. Customization of tour program is possible and therefore many are opting for these packages. It offers the best opportunities for travelers – individually or as group – to explore the best attractions in Indochina.

Vivu Travel facilitates to file online visa application the tourists to attain their Vietnam visa on arrival. Visiting Indochina will be one your dream experience especially if you can make your travel arrangements with one of the experienced and professionally managed tourism operator – Vivu Travel. Over many years, they have introduced several distinct tour packages that will cater all tastes and needs, whether it is a honeymoon, adventure, or family vacation. Highly professional and experienced team of executives at Vivu Travel assist you to make your Indochina travel a memorable one.

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