Indochina Travel Guide

Indochina is an exotic area of Southeast Asia, which includes remarkable and colourful countries like Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. Indochina travel gives a perfect opportunity to experience Asia at its most unforgettable, most incredible, most vibrant and most friendly.

But it can give be difficult know where to start. Get lost in Ho Chi Minh City, ride a boat around Halong Bay, enjoy the mysterious Mekong Delta, marvel at Angkor Wat or other remnants of ancient Asia.

Indochina travel packages are perfect for the travellers that want to benefit from support on the ground and to get help with organizing the travel itinerary, accommodation, and travel. An English speaking guide makes it possible to get a full appreciation of the sights and learn more facts while travelling through the different countries. Plus, the Indochina private tours are packaged to match the specific needs of the traveller in relation to personal preferences and budget.

In all, the well planned Indochina travel packages make it possible to experience the Buddhist culture, beautiful scenery, tuk-tuks, tropical beaches, monkeys, and delicious food.

Here are some of the counties to explore on the Indochina travel package:

Vietnam is rich in history and a fascinating country to explore on the Indochina travel tour. This country in Southeast Asia has plenty of Buddhist pagodas, rivers, and beaches. The capital city of Hanoi is a vibrant place to start a tour and includes numerous places to visit, including the mausoleum dedicated to Ho Chi Minh. In the south of the country, a tour of Ho Chi Minh City makes it possible to see leftovers of the country’s wartime past, as well as a variety of French colonial landmarks.

Vietnam is a great country to visit year-round with its different micro climates. The preferred time to travel is November-April when the weather is at its driest, and rainfall in likely in the north and south for the remaining months of the year. In the central region of the country the temperature can stay dry and hot. To visit a popular attraction like Halong Bay it is best to travel in March-April. A tour of the Mekong Delta is best appreciated between October-May, while Phong Nha and its stunning caves are best admired between February-August.

Most of the experienced travellers will look to explore the country in the spring (February-April) and autumn (August-October) when the climate is most pleasant with rain falling a lot less.

vietnam travel

Cambodia is appreciated for its exotic excursions and countless Buddhist temples, while also being relatively inexpensive to travel. The popular destinations include Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

The best time to visit Cambodia is throughout the dry and cool months (November-March) when the tourist traffic is at its highest. But, for those travellers that prefer to avoid the crowds, it may be practical to travel during the wet half of the year (May-October). The climate from November-January is cool while it is quite dusty and hot from February-April. The hottest month of the year is April while November is the coolest. Also, the wettest months are July-September with nearly ¾ of the country’s rainfall falling during this time.

For the Indochina travel packages that include Vietnam and Cambodia the best time to travel is November to April when there is less rainfall and the humidity and temperature can fall in northern and central Vietnam.

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Laos is a landlocked country that sits along the Mekong River and makes a wonderful place to explore with its majestic mountains, French colonial architecture, Buddhist monasteries and hill settlements. A visit to the capital city of Vientiane makes it possible to explore the sacred site of That Luang with its 45 m high stupa.

Other attractions include the Talat Sao market area with its diverse range of souvenir and shopping options, as well as historic sites like the Patuxai war memorial.

The preferred time to visit Laos on the Indochina travel tour is from October-April when the weather is most pleasant, dry and warm. For travellers hoping to experience the river travel and explore the Mekong River, the best time is when the water levels are high and the weather is pleasant, which is from November-January. But, the geographic features of the country can impact the temperature with cool temperatures noticed in the highland regions (central, eastern and northern). There is a lot of rainfall throughout the 'green season' which takes place from May-October – but the rain is more sharp and short and has minimal impact on the pleasure of exploring the sights. This time of the year is great for the development of lush scenery, full flowing waterfalls, and a wide range of wildlife. The moderate and dry season runs from November-April, while the wet season runs from May-October and gets a lot of tropical downpours in the late afternoon.

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Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a region of Southeast Asia and borders Laos, Bangladesh, Thailand, China and India. It also has over 100 different ethnicities. Yangon is the largest city with nearly 6 million people living in the local area, and home to ancient golden Shwedagon Pagoda, lakes, parks and old markets.

The climate in Myanmar is varied and can range from dry and moderate (peak tourist season) from October-February, the monsoon season from May-October, and dry and hot from February-May. The most intense heat in the country lasts from March-June when the temperature can reach 40° C to 43° C. Also, the temperature is a lot more comfortable in the northeast highlands compared to the lower centre and southwest.

The preferred time to visit Myanmar on the Indochina travel packages is November to February when the climate is dry and cool. But, it can benefit to wait until mid-season for less crowds and easier access to accommodation. A visit to Mount Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock) is great year-round with cool weather that is in the region of 15° C to 20° C. But, the climate in the mountains can get quite foggy, cloudy and rainy.

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