Nakaraj Princess Hotel


Nakaraj Princess Hotel is a 4 star hotel in Bokeo for your Laos family tour packages.

Nakaraj Princess Hotel is located in Nakaraj Nakhon-Houayxai, Laos. A unique hotel that has both the traditional beauty of Laos and a modern sensibility is a luxury life-style that offers refined relaxation and natural surrounding. Situated in Houayxai, sandwiched between the Mekong and a range of hills, is for many visitors their first introduction to Laos, lying across the river from Thailand. It was long an important crossroads for Chinese merchants from Yunnan who driving caravans of pack-ponies laden with tea, silk and opium. They would pass through Houayxai on their way south to Chiang Mai and Chiangrai, and again, on the return north with their loads of gold, silver and ivory. Today, Chinese goods are still much in evidence, but exotic cargoes of silks and opium have been replaced by various consumer & commercial goods and other merchandises that are floated down the Mekong by the barge-load. Nowadays, most cargoes and visitors are coming through Nakaraj Nakhon via R3a highway connecting China-Laos-Thailand borders before crossing over to Chiangkhong, Thailand via Friendship Bridge No.4 Thai – Laos.

Dine in the contemporary restaurant. Naka restaurant offers indoor and outdoor terrace dining, stunning views of Mekong River and an abundance of natural light. Unwind on the private balcony and enjoy the spectacular Mekong River sunset or overlooking the mountain view.

Discover the endless possibilities to exhilarate your senses and creating memories to last a lifetime at Nakaraj Princess


Address: Ban Viengmai & Ban Don - Houyxai, Bokeo - Laos
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