Lao Travel Tips

19, December, 2015

Lao Travel Tips

Laos is one of the least developed countries with sparse population density, less than 7 million people. The Mekong River is located in center of the country and runs through most of the major cities. Isolated between the two Indochina wars, the country retains a rich culture and long ancient history. Although there is a limited infrastructure, but Buddhist culture strongly flooded, and views of the sparkling golden temples and monks collecting alms add to the beauty, peace and undeniable charm of the country. And above all, extremely friendly people make you feel peaceful when visiting this area. Laos is becoming a destination in Indochina tour packages which not to be missed when visiting in Southeast Asia, although it was inferior to the neighbors in many respects but it certainly has a lot to offer. Here are top tips when traveling to this beautiful country.

When to go
The best period to visit Laos is from November to January, when the day is warm and a little chilly evening, and around is covered with lush green vegetation In the contrast, from February to April, rising temperatures, climate hot and humid muggy. The rainy season (usually from May to September) raises water levels that could affect traffic conditions and make it difficult to travel.

Where to go
Compared with cities of other countries and regions, Vientiane is a city with a modest area and many places to adjust to the pace of life Laos. It is pampered in the sauna and herbal drinks sunset on the banks of the river and has the rapid growth of the tours of monuments and museums. Most tourists come to the capital, do not miss the opportunity for a half-day journey out Xieng Khuan - its riverside meadow full of enormous religious statue, one of the sights braking the most exotic. 

From Vientiane, you can continue to go to the north of Vang Vieng - a town with green fields and limestone, an ideal place for caving, canoeing, hiking and walking through the wings World northwest of Laos, or stopping at the remote outpost of Sayaboury – which is a large number of elephants in the country. Despite the ravages of war and time, gilded temples still majesty. Although number of tourists is increasing, the city is quiet and it is the charming side of the Mekong River. Most visitors stay here combined with a few day trips, to the Pak Ou sacred cave, two riverside caves flooded thousands of Buddha images, and to Kouang Si waterfall – a beautiful and perfect place to soak in warm water.

To the south, between the Truong Son mountain and Cuu Long river, Thakhek is a starting place from which to visit the Tham Lot Kong Lo, a famous underground river in the country. Genial Savannakhet is the most famous city of the South, which is a peaceful country with unique architecture. The fertile plateau Bolavenmau is famous because most coffee of Laos is grown there.

Food and Drink
The dishes in this country have much in common with the neighboring countries, with major spices like fish sauce, coconut milk, chilli, lemongrass and galangal, and the dish is usually served with rice. Some specialty worth trying is som tam, green papaya spicy salad made with shredded chicken, pork or fish. Local beer, Beerlao, is widely regarded as one of the best beers in Asia.

Laos Travel has been growing since it fully meets the conditions of the accommodation facilities and dining and service style. If Laos is maintained and improved in a consistent strategy, surely one day this country will be able to catch up with the developed countries in the region and become the choice of many tourists to holiday to Indochina.

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