09 must-try experience when traveling to Luang Prabang

01, July, 2016

09 must-try experience when traveling to Luang Prabang


A beautiful and peaceful country, fascinating visitors with holy temples, beautiful waterfalls, shapely statues of Buddha, hospitable people and friendly. Laos is an ideal destination for a lot of international tourists when making a journey to Indochina.

Seeing the alms giving geremony to the monks:

About 5.30 a.m wake up and walk or cycle to the central streets of Luang Prabang, you will see a long line of monks, novices go Alms Giving Ceremony. Tourists can also book a place to sit distributing food, fruit for monks.

Admiring the view of city from the top of Mount Phousi:

Mount Phousi is at an elevation of 150 m and located in the heart of Luang Prabang acient capital. After about 10-15 minutes climb you can catch sight of the city's panoramic view. And met the tourists's eyes at present are the main road, extending endlesly hills and two rivers Mekong and Nam Khan. From this point, visitors can also catch the dawn.

Buy local produce at the morning market:

After watching the alms giving ceremony or climbing Phousi, you walk to the morning market to buy some locally fresh produce, especially the fungus. Market is located at the foot of Mount Phousi, parallel to the main road Sakkaline.

Visiting the Royal Palace:

Royal Palace, now is Luang Prabang National Museum located on Sakkaline Street. For someone interested in history, architecture and culture are not to be missed this place when you travel to Luang Prabang. From the outside you can admire the beauty of traditional buildings which decorated with elaborate motifs and set splendid gold. Note when entering the museum visitors can not wear shoes, take pictures inside the house and have to dress discreetly.

Visiting Xieng Thong temple:

Xieng Thong is a beautiful ancient, and most important temple of Luang Praban ancient capital. The first impression you get is the massive roof, fussy decoration layers with multiple columns of buttresses upholstered green stone outside. Each of your footsteps are new things to explore, that are reliefs, carvings, wall paintings of Buddha.

Mekong River Cruise:

Escaping from the space of ancient streets, once take a boat to discover the nice two sides scene of the Mekong River. Guests will have several options such as half-day on the Upper Mekong River for going backpacking, catching the nightfall, or bathing Kuang Si waterfall. In order to enjoy your Luang Prabang jouroney perfectly on the whole, you can find out more information on the Mekong Luxury web.

Learn about traditional silk weaving:

 Visiting Ock Pop Tok traditional silk mill, you will discover all stages making silk of Laos. Not merely a factory, there are also restaurants, coffee shops, villas, and classes for those who want to hand-woven silk, dyed fabric ...

Bathing Kuang Si waterfall:

Stuated 30 km from the Luang Prabang center , Kuang Si waterfall is really a must-go destination for people interested in exploring nature. Waterfall flows from high to low, creating the charming turquoise lakes below.

Buy souvenirs at the night market:

Not a lively place at night, but you can still discover Luang Prabang under the lights. The night market along the Sakkaline streets open daily from 18h to 22h where you can find a lot of unique souvenirs.