10 reasons to use a travel agency for your tour in Laos

03, November, 2017

10 reasons to use a travel agency for your tour in Laos

Our Top 10 reasons to use a travel agency for your tour in Laos
Sit back relax and look forward to Laos

Laos is blessed enough to remain untouched by the modern world and it is a country which offers you the chance to escape from the everyday stresses of modern day life.A country with innocent landscapes and beautiful people at its heart.

Laos is known for itsfriendly, happy people and the minute you step on Laos soil you will be greeted with genuine warmth from the locals. Laos really is a joy to explore.

We always recommend using a Laos travel agency or tour guide when visiting Laos, for no other reason than they know the BEST places to take you. A Laos travel agency will take care of tour entire holiday and take care of organising everything you need for your trip.

Travel agencies and tour operators are the stress free warriors of your holiday.

A travel agency and tour operator will be able to recommend and book the best accommodation, organise local tour guides with exceptional knowledge and ensure you travel in comfort all throughout your trip. From sleeper trains to booking a driver to take you to your next exciting destination, they will have it covered.

The best thing is they will also advise the best timesto visit attractions and give you inside knowledge on where to visit  – so you can miss the crowds and get to see places many other tourists may miss!

Choosing a Laos tour operator is an easy and cost effective way to travel around because local tour operators will be able to offer much better rates. All of this coupled with an endless list of expertise means you will get the best out of the time you have to spend in Laos.

In most cases tours can be tailor made to suit where you want to visit; our extremely helpful and knowledgeable local tour guides will make your holiday one of the best times of your life.

We have compiled a simple list of Top 10 reasons you will want to use a travel agency to book your Laos holiday.

1.    Value for Money
Tour operators and travel agencies in Indochina have the inside knowledge and innate ability to be able to negotiate on your behalf,  they will often have many contacts who they will be able to negotiate with to ensure you find the best accommodation, boat trip, guided trek or simply advise the most cost effective way of traveling around a city.

2.    Inside Knowledge and Experience
A tour operator and travel agency has intimate and inside knowledge of the country.Many will have many years experience in arranging itineraries and managing tours, they will know the best attractions, cultural places, as well as those well hidden beauty spots their country has to offer you.

3.    Travel Safe
Feeling safe and comfortable in your holiday environment is a must for anyone traveling to their new holiday location. Laos is a safe country to travel, but it is always worth being aware of the places you may need to be aware of your surroundings.

Tour operators and travel agencies give you piece of mind, they will always put your safety and needs first and ensure your holiday experience is safe, fun and stress free.

They will also be able to solve issues and answer any questions you may have about the country; now a computer cannot do that for you!

4.    Save Time
You will save endless hours of research, as well as saving time on having to book each individual aspect of your trip and keeping all of the booking confirmations and emails in a safe place for your holiday.

When you use a Laos tour operator or travel agency, they will not only treat your holiday as uniquely as your specific requests, you will also be treated to unprecedented communication all along the way. When you arrive for your holiday of a lifetime, you can be assured they will be waiting for you.

5.    Unique Perspective
Visiting a new country is more than just seeing all the tourist sites, museums and eating in popular restaurants. Experiencing local life can really enhance your holiday; not only do you get a unique insight into another cultural life but you will get to meet some amazing and friendly local people.

Imagine sitting with a local family and eating a freshly cooked authentic meal, listening to them engage and learning how they enjoy meal times.

6.    Taking care of the paperwork
The endless booking confirmations, hotel bookings and ensuring you find the right excursion for everyone can cause stress even before the holiday has started.

Can you believe it is believed that on average people will make over 14 phone calls, spend 6 hours researching and over 10 hours booking all the elements of their holiday.

A tour operator and travel agency can take that hassle away from you. Just give themyour requirements, your budget and a list of places you would like to visit and they will take care of booking everything for you.

7.    In country Travel arrangements
The questions:

What is the local transport system like?

Should you hire a car?

Are the areas you want to get to easily accessible?

All of these questions are not easy to answer when you are sat behind your computer desk in the UK.

Using a tour operator will ensure all of your transport needs are arranged and if you decide you want to explore a city or area on your own, your tour operator will be able to give you advice on the best way to navigate your way around.

You may choose to let them take care of all your travel plans, so you can sit back and be safe in the knowledge you will be collected and looked after on your tour.

8.    Your own Personal Tour Guide
Tour guides are such a fantastic way to see any new country and especially in a country as diverse and personal as Laos. Many tour operators and travel agencies use local, friendly and professional people, and will be eager to show youthe best of what their country has to offer.

Seeing the same person throughout your tour will make you feel at ease and will only make your holiday feel even more special.

9.    Accommodation Bookings
We have all been in the situation where we have booked accommodation over the internet, only to arrive and be presented with something completely different or to find out they have not received the booking and you are left with no where to stay.

Tour operators like Vivutravel have exceptional knowledge of the best types of accommodation to suit you. From 5 star hotels to beachside villa's, using a tour operator really will mean you have access to some of the best accommodation of what Vietnam has to offer.

When you arrive to start your exciting holiday, your accommodation will be exactly what you expected.

10.     Flexibility & Fun
We all have times when we want to change our minds and book a different excursion, but when you are in a country where you do not speak the language, it can often be an issue.

When you use a Laos travel agency they will be able to ensure you can change your booking at anytime. They will also look to ensure you do not lose your money and book you on that excursion you really want to take. Flexibility on a holiday means you get to enjoy the activities you really want to do.

There really are many reasons to use a tour operator and travel agency. When you go to book your holiday of a lifetime to the beautiful Laos, look no further than Vivutravel.

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