Reason To Visit Laos In 2019

23, November, 2018

Reason To Visit Laos In 2019

While planning a trip to Southeast Asia, most people overlook Laos when compared to its neighboring countries like Vietnam and Thailand. However, this mystical country is a must-see for tourists all over the world and definitely need a spot in your travel itinerary next time you visit Southeast Asia.Incredible Laos will fascinate you, and then you will fall in love. It got everything from beautiful scenery to the most delicious coffee and very hospitable locals. This country is an excellent place if you are trying to recharge and detox yourself from the daily busy life.

Why visit Laos in 2019?

1.    Less population and low tourist influx - Laos is the least populated country in Southeast Asia with a population of 7 million. So if you want a relaxed vacation without much hustle, this is indeed the place for you. Also during the Laos visit, you will find that it’s an unexplored territory. It means you can visit beautiful sites without having to squeeze between other tourists and also don’t have to face the inflated prices targeting the foreigners. The country is known for its virgin scenery and vast areas of forests.

2.    Friendly locals - Your Laos experience will get better because of the people you meet there. They are extremely friendly and helpful. Wherever you visit in Laos, you can find the locals greeting you with a warm smile. Not only that the locals welcome heartily into their home, but they will give you an excellent opportunity to let you understand their culture and life. Even the language barrier doesn't prevent them from being hospitable to the foreign tourists.

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3.    Buddhist temples - Two third population belongs to Lao Loum communitywho are majorly Buddhists with their ethnic roots going back to China. So it’s common to find numerous Buddhist temples in the country. If you want to know more about the Buddhist culture, Laos visit is something you need to add to your travel bucket list. Every corner of the country, you can find a Buddhist temple matching your expectations. It’s easy to stumble upon a Buddhist temple once in a while with intricate details and fascinating mosaic. These temples are not only using as a place for worship, but also for inner reflection and studying. There are many new temples also under construction.

4.    Coffee - Laos has been producing coffee since the French colonists first introduced the Robusta beans in the year 1915. There has been no looking back since then. Laos produces around 20,000 ton of coffee every year, with 15,000 ton being Robusta beans and 5,000 ton is Arabica coffee. The coffee is famous because of its high-quality caffeine content. One of the best places to visit in Laos would be the coffee plantation. When visiting Tad Lo, you need to go to the Captain Hook's homestay and have a coffee tour. There you will get to know about the village and drink coffee brewed in bamboo.

5.    Culinary ecstasy - Laos food is something people die to enjoy. It doesn't matter whether you eat at a proper restaurant or the food stand, the food here got rich flavor and is sure to make your mouth water. Laos tourists need to try popular dishes like sticky rice, baguette sandwiches, green papaya salad, and sweet coconut cakes. The sticky rice is a staple food of the locals. So much so that people here are called Luk Khao Niaow, or the children of the sticky rice.

6.    Historical sites - Laos is home to various UNESCO world heritage sites. Different historical locations in Laos are worth visiting. Ask your Laos tour operator to take you to Luang Prabang in Northern Laos which is known for its architectural beauty. This ancient town got French vibe to it, and its beauty has remained the same over the years. The Luang temple is also a must-visit tourist spot. This 16th-century temple is considered the most sacred monument in Laos. It is open for tourists throughout the year and is famous for its mesmerizing beauty.

Things to do while you visit Laos in 2019

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1.    Lao New Year - Lap New Year, also known as Pi Mai is a  celebration conducted from 14th April 2019 to 16th April 2019. April is also the best season to visit Laos as the weather is delightful, warm and dry. Everyone looks forward to this holiday, and people celebrate with much enthusiasm. On day one, Buddha statues are taken down and cleaned up, and people also throw water over each other to wash away any impurity of the last year. On day two, people visit their local monasteries to hear sermons and pray, and in the evening there is also a parade featuring winner of MissNew Year beauty pageant. On day third, People dress up in their most elegant clothes and ask for good luck in their lives.

2.    Boat racing festival - Boat racing festival is going to take place on October 14, 2019, and it takes place in Vientiane. It is celebrated to mark the end of Buddhist lent where teams from all over the country compete in boat race across the Mekong River. Women tram races happen in the morning whereas men compete in the afternoon. The race attracts tourists from faraway places, and there will be a party and live music with food stalls and games of tombola. You can hire the best tour operator in Laosso that you can plan your trip to Laos during this beautiful festival.

3.    Lao food festival - Lao food festival is popular where tourists try different country delicacies. Here you can get a different type of food from continental meals to warm home cooked food and spicy street food. You can also take part in cookery course and enhance your culinary skills.

Laos is a beautiful county waiting to be unexplored. With so many things to do and beautiful places to visit, you are bound to have a fantastic time there. You should get the best tour operator for Laos so that you visit the best sites and experience the best things.

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