Sekong located in the south-east of Laos is the second smallest province in the Country. It is also one of the poorest with a population of just over 80,000. It has few temples because historically religion involved ancestral worship and animism rather than Buddhism.

The Sekong River flowing in a southerly direction to Cambodia is navigable. Its valley has fertile plains with rice paddy fields and orchards while it makes quite a contribution to the Country’s coffee and honey production.

The tropical forest have many rare species of flora and fauna. This is just one of the reasons why this Laos travel guide suggests if you make the effort to reach Sekong the time you spend will bring rich reward.

How to get there
The infrastructure is poor making the province remote. Bus travel is the only real option.

Isolation has meant that little has changed in the region over the years. There are road developments taking place with road improvements from Pakse as well as the road to Vietnam being improved as part of a plan to create better land links between Cambodia and Laos with Vietnam which will help the development of Indochina tour packages.

Sekong travel guide

Best time to visit
The monsoon season makes it even less accessible so visitors on Laos travel packages tend to concentrate on the months between November and April.

Things to see and do
It is nature that brings travellers to Sekong and though some change is taking place little ought to affect what the province has to offer adventurous travellers.

The Tad Xe Noi waterfall is 25 kilometres south of Sekong city.

Waterfalls are a feature in the river valley including Tad Hia, Tad Faek and Tad Se Noi. The most famous is the Nam Tok Katamtok on the Huay Katam River in the forests of the Bolaven Plateau.

The habitat is great for birdlife: the yellow-billed nuthatch is classified as threatened and the black-crowned barwingas vulnerable. Blyth's kingfisher, crested argusand yellow-billed nuthatch are other attractions. Mammals include the Oriental small-clawed otter, tiger, though extremely scarce, turtle, bear, gaur and Asian elephant.

If you decide on a holiday in Laosyou will have realised that the infrastructure is not great. That is unimportant for those wanting a genuine holiday experience. There is basic accommodation available and those on Laos tour packages will have arrangements made for them.

Sekong map