Si Phan Don

Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands) in the Mekong of South Laos has become increasingly popular with tourists on holiday in Laos. This Laos travel guide certainly feels that some time should be allocated to the islands though the largest Don Khong may be where the land. Move on to more interesting ones; Don Det and Don Khon are more interesting. The islands are small enough to walk around.

How to get there
Buses run from Pakse with ferry crossing available at Ban Nakasang. Some visitors arrive by bus from Cambodia with one service travelling between Phnom Penh for around 7 hours to reach the crossing point to the islands. Alternatively it is boat all the way down the Mekong.

si phan don travel guide

Best time to visit
Laos travel packages are most popular in the dry season which begins when the monsoon leaves, generally at the end of October. They do not return until the following May. Anyone on Indochina tour packages will realise that the seasons vary throughout South East Asia so they may get some rain somewhere during Laos’ dry season.

Things to see and do
The islands are a place to relax and unwind. It is worth getting out into the rural areas where locals keep plenty of livestock. If you have seen temples elsewhere you may decide to give those on the islands a miss but you should not miss the largest waterfall in South East Asia, Donkhone Somphamit on Don Khon.

Some people rent a bike allowing them to see more and to cross the bridge that links Don Det with Don Khon. Others take boat tours, including ones specifically to see dolphins.

There are plenty of cheap guesthouses to pick from. On Don Det there are many bungalows to rent. Those staying on Don Khong will also find plenty of choice. Laos tour packages arrange all accommodation for clients.

Si Phan Don map