Drinks in Laos

Laos has all the international favorites available when it comes to drinks, but the local juices, including sugar cane juice and coconut milk are among the more authentic locals. Tea is also very popular in Laos and it is generally served with sweetened condensed milk over ice. Coffee, milk, and soft drinks are also readily available in Laos.

If you want some alcohol in Laos try the local beers, starting with "Beerlao," which is highly regarding by locals and foreigners alike. For a more authentic local taste, try the lao hai, which is similar to sake or lao lao, which is similar to whiskey. Other whiskeys also exist as whiskey is oddly popular in Laos, but still takes a back seat to beer.

The tap water in Laos should not be consumed. Be sure to also avoid anything with ice as it may have been made from the tap water. Salads and fruits could have also been washed in the tap water so be careful with those foods as well.

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