Myanmar - a country full of magnificent pagodas, ethnic cultures and beautiful beaches

07, July, 2016

Myanmar - a country full of magnificent pagodas, ethnic cultures and beautiful beaches

If you are looking for a memorable holiday, combined from diversified activities of religion discovery, culture learning and beach escape, Myanmar will satisfy you as this country until now remains mysterious and undiscovered areas. This is where you can feel ancient traditions, can see lush mountains and green forests, can explore richness ethnic cultures as well as can enjoy unspoiled silvery beaches.

Being famous as one of the most devout Buddhist countries in the world, Myanmar has hundreds of magnificent and mysterious pagodas as well as offers peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. That's why you can see one popular color spreading throughout the country - the glittering gold color from smallest village shrine to the glory of huge pagodas and temples of bigger cities. Then your Myanmar holiday is surely a ceaseless discovery of religious wonders. Besides well-known pagodas like Shwedagon Pagoda, Shwethalyaung Reclining Buddha, Golden Rock Pagoda, etc, there are still many lesser-known ones that will amaze you with their beauty and spirituality. For pagoda lovers, you should visit to Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay.

Being home of 135 ethnic groups, Myanmar is adorned with colorful and diversified cultures that can hardly be seen in other parts of the world. There are hundreds of ethnic hill tribes living in remote areas for thousands of years and they still keep their traditional customs, distinctive culture and local way of life till now. Travel to Myanmar, you will have opportunity to visit to stunning and remote regions as well as have chance to experience the culture and daily life activities of many different ethnic groups there. For trekking, mountain climbing or ethic culture discovering, it is advised to travel to the North with Myitkyina, Putao, Bhamo, Mt. Hkakabo Razi and the East with Tachileik and Kyaingtong.

Being adjacent to the Bay of Bengal, Myanmar has two thousand kilometers of coastline and that’s why it is blessed with numerous iconic beaches where you can choose to stay for your beach escape. Within many beaches in Myanmar, Ngapali is the most beautiful one with stretches of palm fringed sand, emerald sea water and sunny weather all year round.

With all the above outstanding features, Myanmar is becoming a favorite site to travel as well as combine with tours in other countries like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia or Thailand. But be aware that there are only available direct flights from Myanmar to Vietnam, whereas it is not applied for Laos and Cambodia.

About visa to Myanmar, you need apply for e-visa directly on their website which is not difficult and expensive. You just need to follow all steps mentioned on that page and you will finally get an e-visa.

As below, we advise you 2 best tour programs if you are planning a trip to Myanmar. Option 1 is for those who love discovering natural beauties and especially pagodas and option 2 is wonderful for those who are interested in nature, ethnic culture and adventure. Then at the end of each option, it is very easy to connect with Ngapali Beach if you want to have some days of beach relaxing.

Option 1:

Day 1: Yangon arrival with city tour
Day 2: Yangon – Bago – Golden Rock
Day 3: Golden Rock – Hpa An
Day 4: Hpa An tour
Day 5: Hpa An – Mawlamyine
Day 6: Mawlamyine tour
Day 7: Mawlamyine – Yangon
Day 8: Yangon – Bagan
Day 9: Mt. Popa
Day 10: Bagan – Mandalay
Day 11: Yangon – Mandalay – Amarapura – Mingun
Day 12: Mandalay – Heho – Pindaya
Day 13: Pindaya – Inle – Indein
Day 14: Inle – Yangon
Day 15: Yangon departure

Option 2:

Day 1: Yangon arrival – Kyaing Tong
Day 2: Kyaing Tong – Pintauk – Kyaing  Tong
Day 3: Kyaing Tong – Ho Kyin – Kyaing Tong
Day 4: Kyaing Tong – Loiwe – Kyaing Tong
Day 5: Kyaing Tong – Heho – Kalaw
Day 6: Kalaw trekking
Day 7: Kalaw – Taung Ni – Nawa – Painnepin
Day 8: Klaw trekking – Inle Lake
Day 9: Inle Indeing trekking – Inle Lake
Day 10: Inle Lake – Sagar trekking
Day 11: Inle Lake – Yangon
Day 12: Yangon departure

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