Myanmar Customised Tour

24, December, 2017

Myanmar Customised Tour

Myanmar is a striking country with many fascinating cultures, a complex history, and a great place to explore on the SE Asia travel tour. But, it is the most recent country to open its door to tourism in the region, which means it does still encounter a few issues that aren't seen elsewhere.

The tourist trade is still springing into life and the infrastructure continues to grow to meet the demand, but the many beautiful things to see and do in Myanmar make it worth the effort to travel within this relatively untouched country.

Customise your Myanmar tour
Instead of accepting a standard Myanmar travel itinerary that may not be specific to your needs, you may prefer to create your own. A well planned customised tour makes it possible to create the kind of journey that is full tailored to suit your interests and schedule.

A Myanmar customised tour is fully tailored to the specific needs, such as a travel itinerary to match the length of your trip, the number of people in your party, type of meals and accommodations, and places to visit. This type of arrangement can easily create the dream Myanmar holiday that will be truly memorable for the entire family. Also, the type of customised tour can range from full, 5-star luxury to the more budget-friendly.

Let's take a look at a few popular Myanmar tours that are easily adapted to match the specific needs:

Classic tour
One of the most popular travel itineraries is the Myanmar classic tour that features the main tourist destinations in the country. This is typically a short stay in the country lasting up to 7 days and starts with exploring the city seen as the main gateway to Myanmar, Yangon, which is the country's commercial centre and home of the stunning Shweagon Pagoda, as well as other destinations like Inle Lake, the cultural centre of the country in Mandalay, and one of the finest archaeological sites in the vast open plains of Bagan.

The stunning landscapes and friendly local people are certain to exceed your initial expectations. The easiest way to get around the country on a short stay is by internal flights and this transportation method is available to tourists throughout the year.

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Beach tour
A Myanmar beach tour is a very relaxing type of tour and certain to be appreciated by the beach and sun lover. It gives the perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life in Yangon and simply relax on the beach with its pristine surroundings of a tropical beach with lush palm trees. But, before travelling to the planned beach resort, it is worth getting a cultural tour of Yangon, which can include the Shwedagon Pagoda, the Chaukatgyi Pagoda and Sule Pagoda.

One of the finest beach resorts in the country is Ngapali Beach which is easily reached by air from Yangon or other major cities. Ngapali Beach has the ability to give the 5-star retreat and its small collection of quaint cafes and restaurants are just waiting to serve up a superb selection of delicious seafood. The local hotels are well fitted out with plenty of amenities, such as a relaxing spa, herbal treatment or massage.

Flying tour
A flying tour of Myanmar has the ability to combine the best elements of the country, such as its stunning landscape and amazing culture. This type of tour includes major destinations like Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake. By flying between destinations you get a little more about to explore the different places on your tour itinerary.

It can give a little extra time to spend in places like Bagan and truly appreciate its amazing history and glorious past. A full day or two can easily be spent sightseeing the most fascinating pagodas and temples that are seen in various styles of architecture.

One of the most memorable and unique ways to see Bagan is from the air. A hot air balloon ride gives a wonderful birds-eye view of the thousands of temples, monasteries, and stupas that span across the vast plains.

Alternatively, on the Myanmar customised tour it is easy to change certain aspects of the travel itinerary to match the specific needs. For instance the balloon ride can be changed for a bicycle tour of Bagan or even visit somewhere else, such as the hillside town of Mt. Popa.

Plus, this tour can include chartering a boat to Mingun for a very interesting and pleasant trip that makes it possible to see day-to-day life alongside the river, as well as market boats, corn fields, bullock carts and fishing villages.

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Explorer tour
Beyond the Myanmar tour packages that take in the major tourist destinations, there is also the option to take a more adventurous tour of the country that includes several of the less travelled and off-the-beaten track parts. This type of tour not only includes cities like Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake, but also stops at the ancient Mon Capital of Bago, as well as Heho and Pindaya. Any Myanmar holiday that includes the secluded parts gives more access to its fascinating landscape, culture and people.

Plus, this type of tour can include the trekking adventure in a place like Pindaya which has a very reasonable level of challenge. A typical trek is likely to take about two or three hours and includes a stop at a local village to enjoy a locally cooked meal. If planning this type of activity it is useful to travel with the proper gear, which can include a decent pair of trekking boots and rain coat for the rainy season (July to September).

Overall, the Myanmar travel packages tour can be organised to match the specific needs. Some clients will prefer to relax on Ngapali beach in the Bay of Bengal, while others will favour exploring the cities and traditional markets, and others will want to see the ancient temples of Bagan.