Nightlife in Bagan

An Indochina tour is a special experience. If it includes many of the large cities in South East Asia, it will give you that chance to enjoy modern discos and nightclubs. However, the reason for visiting that part of the world and perhaps booking Myanmar tour packages is more about the sights and sounds of the day. When it comes to visiting Bagan, an ancient capital of the Burmese Kingdom centuries ago, the real attraction is the temples and night is a time to relax, perhaps see the sun set and enjoy a nice meal.

There is no disco in town yet there are lovely places, many by the riverside, to enjoy an evening before bed, and what the Myanmar travel packageshave to offer the next day. Here are some ideas for you if you have a free evening in Bagan.

•    Nan Dar Restaurant in Nyaung U has a puppet show which you may enjoy while eating your evening meal. The local culture is part of the experience in Myanmar travel.

•    Foreign tourists have returned to Myanmar after years of the country being isolated. There are an increasing number of places sprouting up to cater for Western travellers and the Eden BBB Restaurant is one of those serving cold beer and western food. The prices are a little higher than elsewhere in Bagan, reflecting the clientele it is hoping to attract and what indeed it does attract.

•    One of the top resort hotels in Bagan is worth a mention. Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort includes the Pavilion Lounge, a great place to sit with a drink and enjoy the sunset.

•    Sithu Restaurant is the closest Bagan comes to a party. There is evening entertainment in its riverside location with great views across the Irrawaddy.

•    The Beach Bagan Restaurant and Bar opens until late if you don’t want an early night. Good food and plenty of variety.

•    The Green Elephant is another with a puppet show and live music as you eat your meal in a lovely setting.

If you have had a hectic day touring the many temples in Bagan, you may not have the energy to do much as the sun sets. Likewise, if you have a busy schedule next day, you may want to conserve your energy. There are a few night time alternatives sufficient for you to spend some enjoyable hours in Bagan late in the day.

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