Inle Lake

Inle Lake travel guide
Inle is a fairly shallow lake in the centre of Myanmar, just to south-east of Mandalay.  It has been home to a number of indigenous tribes and although it is becoming increasingly commercialised it is certainly worth inclusion within Myanmar travel packages. Cruising on this 22 km long lake is a pleasure; the daily activities of fishermen can be observed from the water.

inle lake travel guide

This Inle Lake travel guide intends to point out the things to do and the places to see around the Lake.

•    The region is popular with hikers keen to do more than just visit Myanmar’s impressive religious sites.
•    There are mountain bikes trails.
•    Htat Eian Caves and the nearby monastery are worth exploring and after a hectic day then there is always a massage to enjoy.
•    Inle Lake is the home or migration stopping point for a huge number of birds. The Jacana is special but more likely to be seen at its best in the rainy season. There are local guides for those wanting to do a tour.
•    The Lake is fairly safe if you want to go kayaking or ‘’paddling.’’
Things to See
•    The Phaungdawoo Pagoda is one of the local attractions though the Buddha images have lost their shape somewhat because of the amount of gold leaf applied to them over the years.
•    If you want to learn more of the history of the region then the Cultural Museum is the place for you.

There are water taxis is a way to get around, short tours and longer ones allowing those wanting to see more of local life the chance to do so. Whatever the season it is worth having an umbrella, warm clothes, sun tan lotion and a raincoat just in case.

inle lake tour packages

The locals have realised the potential of tourism and some fishermen even pose for a photograph for a price. They may not even have the slightest inclination to catch anything at a time when tourists are around. Some of the workshops actually sell cheap Chinese products but it is a fairly simple thing to refuse to buy while you are enjoying your Myanmar travel.

Like any stretch of water the environment becomes fairly relaxing. This Inle Lake travel guide has no particular favourite amongst the restaurants by the lakeside so take your pick; all are fairly inexpensive and perhaps you will enjoy the local fish caught when the fishermen are actually trying? If you want to buy anything consider the local ‘’cheroots’’ made from tobacco, honey, anise, tamarind, banana and rice flour; they make a great gift.

Myanmar tour packages inevitably include this Lake when passing through the Central Region of Myanmar. A Myanmar holiday offers plenty of variety and hopefully this Inle Lake travel guideincludes some things to do that you may well not find in the larger towns and cities. Tour companies can tailor holidays to their clients’ wishes and are likely to always recommend Inle Lake to be included on every occasion.

Inle Lake map