The Best Time to Visit Inle Lake

When the rainy season comes in Myanmar, there can be a significant amount most days. The rainy months are June to September with over 400 mm falling in the wettest month which is often August. The problems during these months can revolve around getting around, so when the question is asked about the best time to visit Myanmar, the answer is to book your Myanmar tour avoiding these months. Even though the temperatures are likely to approach the mid-20s each day, it will feel much colder than that when it is raining.

To some extent that will be a disappointment to those interested in birds because this is the nest season on Inle Lake for the beautiful pheasant-tailed jacana. For locals, there is always something to do. The ice harvest is the end of November which is the beginning of what is a fairly well-defined dry season that lasts for four months though there is still some rain around; Myanmar will never be short of water.

Early in March the temperatures begin to rise beyond 30 C average and there are still a few weeks before the rains return and this is the hottest time of the year, though if it is too hot, you may not feel active enough to fully enjoy the environment. It is the environment that is such an attraction for those that want to have Inle Lake included in their Myanmar travel package.

It is worth remembering that water transport is available all year round but it is uncomfortable for tourists to be on the Lake in heavy rain. That does not stop the daily lives of the locals but then they have been used to the seasons for many years.

If you are thinking about an Indochina tour, you will need to consider a number of factors. There are different weather systems hitting different parts of South East Asia by the season. Even though the months of summer are low season in many parts of Indochina, there are reasons why tourists may want to travel at that time of the year. It may be something as simple as the extra time available for holidays at that time of year. Before you dismiss the idea of travelling to Myanmar in what is low season, you should talk to a travel agent that is familiar with the whole region. You will get an impartial view on what you can expect in terms of weather, and make a decision accordingly.

Myanmar’s infrastructure will develop further in the years to come but heavy rainfall will always put pressure on communications so the decision really is what is practical and are there contingency plans if it is difficult to take a particular route? A good travel agent will have some ideas.

Inle Lake is a lovely setting that tourists are certain to enjoy. While the months either side of Christmas represent high season, do not dismiss the other months in your planning.

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