This hill station is on the road between Bagan and Inle Lake and deserves a little attention in its own right. The altitude is 1.320 metres which has an inevitable effect on the climate; temperatures can be much more comfortable at altitude than at ‘’ground level.’’

Myanmar tour packages that include Kalaw do so because there are a number of things to see and do in this region; our Kalaw travel guide recommends the following:

•    Tein Taung (Cloud Hill) is in the north of the town and offers great views over the valley that are even more impressive at sunset.
•    Shweoomin Pagoda and the caves are within walking distance for those with a little energy though some prefer to cycle.
•    Likewise Bamboo Strip Pagoda (Hnee) is a similar distance away and dates back 500 years.
•    Aung Chang Tha stupa in the middle of the town is noted for its silver and gold glass mosaics.
•    Myoma Monastery
•    Christ the King Church which is a legacy of the Christians during colonial times. Services are still held there; mass and on Sundays.
•    Myin Ma Thi is a small village a little further from Kalaw. It has a temple and a large cave that is worth exploring.
•    Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp is a drive through the mountains. The Elephants are used in the logging industry but common assent suggests they are well treated. Increased tourist numbers should help even better treatment because it provides more revenue.

kalaw travel guide

Many visitors on a Myanmar holiday enjoy trekking and Kalaw is a major centre for those wanting to walk and explore. This Kalaw travel guideknows that there are some well-worn trails that locals will provide more information about. Some are fairly short though it is possible to hike to Inle Lake over 2 or 3 days. It makes sense to walk in a group of course. During the rainy season the trails become more difficult of course.

Just walking around Kalaw itself is a pleasure; there are still many buildings remaining from the colonial era with plenty of colour provided by the flowers lining the streets.Going round the market in Kalaw even if you do not want to buy anything. There are plenty of food stall alternatives surrounding it as well. Kalaw contains people of both Indian and Chinese descent from the time when the British were here and in need of labour. The result is that their cuisine as well as that of the Shan is available.

Myanmar travel packages offer holidays throughout the year. Those in the area in late autumn may well enjoythe Tazaungman Full Moon Festival in late October or early November has street parades as well asplenty of music.Our Kalaw travel guideintends to introducepotential tourists to the town and the immediate vicinity. If it provokes interest and questions then it has served its purpose. Myanmar is a relatively new tourist destination just waiting to be ‘’discovered’’ by more travellers from abroad. Join them!

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