Nightlife in Mandalay

Tourists spending nights in Mandalay during their Myanmar travel are unlikely to find much variety in the nightlife. It is a place that tourists visit during their Myanmar tour because of the history, religion and culture associated with this famous destination. Everyone will enjoy the sunsets on a clear day but after that, it is a matter of restaurants primarily because even bars are in short supply.

There is a nightly performance purely for tourists from a trio called the Moustache Brothers that is done from home, between 80th and 81st Street on 39th Street. It is a comedy act that lasts about 90 minutes and includes comedy and dance.

There are traditional puppet shows in Mandalay as there are in other towns and cities of size. The Mandalay Marionettes are worth watching and the daily shows last an hour.

Elsewhere, the hotels are the liveliest places in Mandalay. If you have booked a Myanmar travel package, your accommodation will be booked before you arrive. The Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel has the Gem Club which serves snacks but it largely a place for drinking. Kipling’s Lounge in the Hotel also has live music each evening.

Shwe Taung Food Centre serves Chinese cuisine and cold tiger beer and musical entertainment. There is also an ice cream parlour, Nylon Ice Cream Bar that sells Myanmar Beer as the sun sets.

After a busy day, or before another one, you may simply want to relax anyway because Mandalay’s charm is what it is able to offer by day rather than by night. A leisurely meal in a restaurant selling wine and beer is the way that most tourists spend their evening if they don’t pick one of the things mentioned above. There’s plenty of time elsewhere to visit night clubs and discos.

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