Restaurants in Mandalay

As the number of tourists on Myanmar travel packages increases,so does the number of restaurants hoping to attract tourist business. The history of Mandalay and its contact with other peoples have meant that there are several influences on the local cuisine; Chinese, Indian and Bangladesh are the most prominent. There is a dessert, Htoumoun, found only in Mandalay; try it but there is plenty of oil and it is very sweet.

All of South East Asia is famous for its street food and when you see a place that is busy serving locals, you can be certain that the food is good and fresh, because there is obvious turnover. You may stay in your hotel to eat but then you miss the chance to explore the streets in the evening.

Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Mandalay if you have free time during your Myanmar travels.

•    Mingalabar Myanmar Restaurant on 71st Street serves typical Burmese food as well as having good vegetarian options. Dishes are meatm fish, vegetables with plenty of noodles and rice. As is typical in Myanmar, there are several side dishes with your chosen meal.

•    Shan Ma Ma on 81st Street attracts locals as well as tourists with its reviews regularly confirming the quality and variety of food on offer.
•    Bistro at 82ndhas a menu that includes many international dishes including steaks, salmon, crème brule and fine wines.

•    Marie Min on 27th Street has a wide range of Asian cuisine. The curries are renowned and other dishes include salads for which Myanmar is famous. The milkshakes regularly get rave reviews, as does the lassi.

•    Rainforest Restaurant between 74th and 75th Streets is another with an extensive menu including Thai dishes, curries, salads and a great range of fruit juices.

•    Aung Lin Restaurant between 80th and 81st Streets is primarily a Chinese restaurant with all the dishes typical of that cuisine; egg rolls, fried rice and of course main dishes.

•    Aye Myit Tar on 81st Street serves traditional Burmese cuisine, 4 or 5 side dishes, fresh vegetables, steamed rice, dipping sauces and soup. The soup and rice are refilled as required so go there hungry.  It is a great place to have a real local experience during your Myanmar tour.

•    Spice Garden on the corner of 22nd and 63rd is an Indian restaurant where you can actually watch the food being prepared in an open kitchen. It has all the usual favourites using prawns, fish, meat and poultry.

•    India Tadka Mandalay on 27th Street is another with a comprehensive Indian menu including tikkas and tandooris, curries and the usual breads and rice dishes.

•    Super 81 on 81st Street is also popular with locals, a sure sign of its quality. It concentrates on Burmese and Chinese food with the rooftop setting an added bonus.

•    Golden Shan on 84th Street is a place where the dishes are buffet style for you to pick and eat; as much as you like.

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