Spa and Massage in Mandalay

While the infrastructure of Mandalay has yet to develop to the level that the increase tourist numbers to Myanmar justify, Mandalay is included on all Myanmar tour packages as well as most that involve Indochina tours.There are several ways to relax after a busy day, and spa and massage facilities in Mandalay are certainly finding favour with travellers.

South East Asia is famous for its massage techniques and after a busy day, there are few better ways to invigorate yourself than to use spa and massage facilities. Several of the services in Mandalay are based in popular hotels.

•    Rupar Mandalar Resort offers several different treatments. The Thai massage treats the whole of the body with the client lying on the floor as the therapist works away. The slimming massage is aimed at improving circulation while the house specialities both intend to detox the client. In addition, there are foot and hand spas with sauna and jacuzzi.

•    Mandalay Hill Resort offers a similarly good service and guests can actually have treatments within their rooms or villas.

•    Shwe Ingyinn Hotel is in the centre of Mandalay and is happy to offer treatment to guests as well as non-guests; booking in advance is advised.

•    Golden Country Hotel is another centrally located hotel, 60 rooms with day spa facilities available.

•    Hotel by the Red Canal Mandalay has gym and beauty salon but the real treat is the traditionally designed spa that has the feel of a feel village. Running water is soothing while rattan and terracotta give the two treatment rooms the real feel of a retreat.

•    Hotel Magic Mandalay has a health spa for its guests as well as an outdoor pool with a bar, a further chance to relax.

There are other places offering spa and massage treatments without being located within hotels. Innwas Health & Spa is central in Mandalay and Health Center Thai Massage on 58th Street is another worth trying. Amaravati Thai Reflexology is on 62nd Street while Moon Angel Beauty Spa on 30th Street has been opened for just two years. There are other places and as numbers visiting Mandalay continue to increase, even more are sure to be added very soon.

With little nightlife in Mandalay, using these places and enjoying the lovely Burmese cuisine in a local restaurant is a favourite way to spend time once the sun goes down.

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