Top hotels in Mandalay

Mandalay’s fame started centuries ago; a stop on the Silk Road and a name then mentioned more recently in stories, poetry and song. It is the ancient capital and once tourists began to return to Myanmar, an obvious destination in Myanmar tour packages. After years of isolation, the infrastructure of such cities is only just developing to meet the demands of tourists enjoying Myanmar travel.

When it comes to the best time to visit Myanmar, the high season tends to be between November and February when it is dry and before temperatures start to rise towards the rainy season. However, tourists avoiding high season will benefit from less crowds, and perhaps cheaper prices?

If you have booked Myanmar travel packages, your accommodation will be in place, but here are a few ideas of the best places in Mandalay if you are still at the research stage.

•    Rupar Mandalar Resort on the corner of 53rd and 30th Streets is probably Mandalay’s top accommodation. There are rooms with balconies, even suites and the teak wood provides a touch of class. Set in lovely grounds, the resort has a swimming pool for cooling off on hot days.

•    79 Living Hotel on 79th Street in between 29th and 30th Streets behind the railway station is a new hotel, certainly comfortable with helpful staff and with breakfast included.

•    Hotel Mandalay on 78th Street near the shopping centre has large rooms and lovely views over the city from the top floor.

•    Royal Power Hotel on 80thStreet is patronised by well-off locals as well as tourists. One of the definite benefits is that there is an early check in which obviously benefits those arriving early in the morning.

•    Smart Hotel on 28th Street was built in 2013 and is located south of the Mandalay Palace.

•    Zegyo Hotel on 84th Street next to the market is clean and has bungalow accommodation as well.

•    Mandalay Hill Resort on 10th Street below Mandalay Hill is a tranquil place and certainly comfortable and clean.

•    Sedona Hotel Mandalay at the junction of 26th and 66th Streets is Singaporean-owned and blends traditional with modern architecture. There is a great view of the Royal Palace and Mandalay Hill which are just in front of it.

•    Bagan King Hotel on the corner of 28th and 73rd Streets is a friendly place close to the Royal Palace. The rooftop restaurant is excellent, dining with views. The décor is traditional and for additional entertainment there is a puppet show.

•    The Home Hotel on 82nd Street is clean and comfortable, quiet with helpful staff. Real value for money.

•    Hotel Yadanarbon on 31st Street, with its rooftop restaurant and puppet show is another hotel popular with tourists.

•    Triumph Hotel Mandalay on 26th Street offers comfortable and friendly accommodation with the added plus of a poolside restaurant.

•    The Link 78 Mandalay Boutique Hotel on the corner of 78th and 31st Streets is a comfortable and modern hotel in the centre of town and convenient for most of Mandalay’s attractions.

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