Monywa Town

Monywa Town

In Monywa town. there are busy markets. popular restuarants. a Degree College affiliated to Mandalay University. a Technical High School. and soon there will be an Institute of Economics. the second after the one in Yangon.

Monywa Hotel. now privatised has comfortable four-room bungalows with attached amenities all air-conditioned centr, second only to Mandalay in the Upper Myanmar region.

If you are travel to Monywa by car you should stop about 20 kilometres before you reach the town to visit this most unusual Buddhist temple complex on 37 acres of land which is part of the Mohnyin Forest Monastery retreat. The pagoda was started on 20th June 1939 and completed on 2nd March 1952.It was the brain-child of the famous Mohnyin Sayadaw whose life-like effigy can be seen nearby.

If you can go at the beginning of the Myanmar month of Tazaungmone ( usually around November). you can see the annual pagoda festival. which goes on for several days when the villagers from all around come to enjoy the music and dancing and buy from the various stalls set up by sellers from all over the country.

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