Mrauk U museum

Mrauk U museum

A new Mrauk U museum is located near the palace site. It displays some old artifacts of Vesali. Launggret and Mrauk U periods. The bronze Buddha icons of Rakhine are equisetic in design. Various inscribed stone inscriptions in Sanskrit. Rakhine and Arabic are also displayed Votive tablets. Krishna Vishnu. Bodhisattvas. dvarapala. stone htis (stone umbrella of pagodas). lintels coins. musical instruments. ceramic-wares are also on display.

Mrauk U is an ancient city in the Rakhine State. which is situated in the western part of the Union of Myanmar. Mrauk-U is also a place where cultural heritages have flourished for many years. The Rakhine State is close to the Bay of Bengal and the coastal region is full of rocks and reefs and may be that is why so many stone-sculptures can be seen as ancient cultural crafts in the Rakhine region.

The state opened the Archaeological Museum in Mrauk U; so that everyone interested in the cultural artifacts and ancient relics are find then in one place. In the Museum. a stone Wunti God Image of 15th century A.D in Mrauk U period and a part of stone pillars from Stupas of 8th century in Watha Li period are shown.

Moreover. the pieces of a stone Vishnu Image of 15th century in Mrauk U period can also be seen at the Museum. The Wetha Li coins from 4th to 8th century. the votive tablets and the motifs of stone-sculptures from Mrauk U period can also be seen at the museum. The household appliances in Mrauk U period. a glazed pot of 15th century from Mrauk U period and the glazed floor tiles from Mrauk U palace excavation site are also exhibited.

You can also find stone-sculptures such as God of Earth. Godness. Wathoundarei and Wathoundara at the museum. There is a replica of Ananda Sandra stone inscription carved in Danyawaddy alphabets from the 8th century. The inscription tells us about Watha Li King Ananda Sandra and his ancestors with 65 verses.

Moreover. the stone inscription of Purain Ah Song-Taung (AD-1430). Wara-Dhamma-Yar-Zar stone inscription (AD-1618) and An-Taw-Thein stone inscription (AD-1596) are also there to be studied. So. we invite you to pay a visit to “Mrauk-U Archaeological Museum” where all ancient cultural heritages and stone-sculptures in Rakhine State are shown in one place.