The Myeik Archipelago juts out into the Andaman Sea in Southern Myanmar. These islands are very much virgin territory for overseas travellers so this Myeik travel guideis setting out to explain to you why you should seriously consider them with your Myanmar holiday. Myanmar tour packages can be designed to suit clients’ wishes. While some may know little about this archipelago the word is gradually getting out and the consequence will be an increasing number of visitors.

Some of the small islands (there are around 800 in total) are inhabited only by the colourful fish swimming offshore. They are great for exploring while snorkelers and scuba divers will see coral reefs teeming with those fish. Boats can be hired locally by divers or by people just happy to cruise above the waves.

The local Moken people are interesting in themselves, living a nomadic life by and under the sea; they are expert free divers who can hold their breath for long periods as they harvest things from under the waves.

Myeik travel guide

There is everything from hiking to kayaking for visitorswith abundant wildlifeflourishing because the region has yet to attract mass numbers. Monitor lizards and pythons are fairly common with gibbons, civets and crab eating macaques also present. In the skies there are sea eagles, kites and herons, kingfishers and doves.

There are several protected areas in Myanmar and 9 National Parks, one of which is the Marine Park on Lambi Island which was established in 1995. In this Myeik travel guideit is only possible to give a flavour of the islands and so here are short details of four more:

•    Frost Island has a great white beach and corals and sea urchins in its waters. Snorkel, kayak or explore the jungle.
•    Nyaung Wee Island has a number of Moken villages so it is a great place to find out more about the local culture.
•    Phi Lar Island is uninhabited with colourful coral reefs, palms and white sand.
•    Myauk Ni Island is a fairly laid back place yet to attract tourists in any great numbers.

There are few better places to dive. There are several species of shark including the potentially dangerous bull shark, eagle and manta ray as well as a large number of smaller species. Depending on how much time you have select from the following for your diving:

•    Burma Banks
•    Black Rock
•    Shark Cave
•    Little Torres Islands

There is an excellent chance of seeing sharks, some being inquisitive but there have been no reports of problems.

If you are looking to catch dinner you can expect barracuda, tuna and snapper. Marlin and sailfish are the big game species and quite a challenge to catch.

Myanmar travel packages are available and will include the company organising the necessary permits for Myanmar travel to this idyllic destination. It is currently not possible to do this as an independent traveller but good tour companies are well used to providing the necessary service to ensure a great holiday experience.

Myeik map