Ngapali Beach

Myanmar falls well behind some other countries in Indochina in terms of the popularity of its beaches but that is only really because it has been a fairly isolated country until recent years. Those beaches are being discovered and included within Myanmar tour packages; quite rightly so. This Ngapali Beach travel guide intends to explain to you why the top beach destination in Myanmar is worth serious consideration. It is on the Bay of Bengal within Rakhine State. The traditional villages where life has changed little over decades are still there alongside a growing number of beach resorts boasting fine white sand and palm fringes.

A Myanmar holiday offers plenty of variety. There is no better way to relax after visiting the many religious and historical attractions in the country than to spend some time by the sea. It may not be all relaxation because tourists are encouraged to:

ngapali beach

•    Take fishing trips. The waters are full of different species including some of the largest ones; sharks and rays included. If you cannot catch your own dinner someone will do it for you; the freshest you can expect anywhere.
•    Go snorkelling or scuba diving to see the huge variety of colourful fish
•    Kayak
•    Surf, mostly in the monsoon season though of course it can rain.
•    Simply swim though currents are fairly strong in places.
Some ideas for you
•    As well as water sports this Ngapali Beach travel guide also recommends golf; there is an 18 hole course where all equipment can be hired. If you play in the heat of the day then take plenty of water for this and any other activity you decide to do.
•    The village of Jate Taw (Gyeik Taw) where the locals’ main pastime is fishing offers a change to see everyday life away from the resorts that are beginning to develop. Further on the rural setting changes to people primarily involved in agriculture.
•    There is a Buddha at the far end of the Bay dominating the skyline. You can’t get lost if you want to visit it because it is always in view. If you intend to go right up to it you will have a climb over rocks so take suitable footwear.
•    A different view is provided by taking a trip in a hot air balloon giving you the chance of looking down over a vast area.
•    Cycling tours are another way to see the region; it is perfectly safe to do so.

Myanmar travel packages are designed with clients in mind and usually try to balance a variety of experiences including religious and cultural attractions, the pristine interior of the country as well as the relatively little known coastline. That is changing quickly and Myanmar travel is providing memorable experiences. Good tour companies welcome enquiries and questions about every part of Myanmar. Those who want to avoid crowds will certainly find that Ngapali Beach remains fairly quiet though inevitably with time that will change because the word is gradually spreading.

Ngapali Beach map